Conference Expansion Talk Resurfaces

  It seems the new 300 million dollar T.V deal Texas just signed has ruffled some feathers in College Station (TX) and Norman ( OK ). When the last waive of  conference realignment talk started there was alot  of talk that Texas A&M and Oklahoma would join the SEC. Could you blame them from wanting to break apart from The Big 12 by the way they cater to Texas. The big 12 operates on a revenue sharing agreement which keeps Texas atop the big 12 in revenue year in and year out.

The last year revenue data was made public was 2007, and here's who earned how much, according to the Omaha World-Herald:

1. Texas: $10.2 million 

2. Oklahoma: $9.8 million 

3. Kansas: $9.24 million 

4. Texas A&M: $9.22 million 

5. Nebraska: $9.1 million 

6. Missouri: $8.4 million 

7. Texas Tech: $8.23 million 

8. Kansas State: $8.21 million 

9. Oklahoma State: $8.1 million 

10. Colorado: $8.0 million 

11. Iowa State: $7.4 million 

12. Baylor: $7.1 million 

 Many believe the unequal sharing, the catering to Texas by the big 12 and the obvious increase in conference pay out was the main reasons Nebraska broke away from their long time rival Texas and jumped at a chance to join the big 10. Could Texas A&M be next? Here is a report from college football talk discussing the matter. If Texas A&M were to jump ship for the SEC Oklahoma would most certainly follow leaving the big 12 with their backs against the wall once again after the departures of Nebraska and Colorado. Except this time the big 12 would not be able to bounce back.With their own network now Texas would likely become an independent and the big 12 north would likely be headed to the big east being that according to Bill Self the big east was ready to extend invitations during that last round of alignment:

"To be honest with you, Kansas could have been making the same announcement today that TCU made. And Kansas State could have been in there too, because the feeling that we got -- or we had, when the conference realignment was going on, that if by chance, Texas would have gone to the Pac-10 and we would have stayed buddies with Kansas State and not separated and done all that stuff, then the Big East would have came and gotten us, and KSU, and Iowa State, and Missouri. Which, in theory, you say, 'Oh god, the Big East, bad travel.' They would have gone to divisions, so we would have had divisions with probably the teams that are close, and maybe Louisville and Cincinnati or whatever." 

 Right now the Texas A&M talk is just rumors and speculation but you have to be wondering if teams in the big 12 north are getting tired of putting their future in the hands of  the big 12 football powers when the big east is sitting in the shadows looking to expand its football playing members and would accept them with open arms. With the addition of Kansas, Missouri, K-State and Iowa State and the addition of  Villanova as a football playing member  the big east would carry the label as the first true Mega conference with 20 total teams and 14 football playing members. They would need to break into two divisions 





This big east next move would have to be to secure a lucrative T.V deal to increase revenue and conference payouts. The big east is well behind the other BCS conferences when it comes to payouts and with T.V markets secured from Texas to New York and everywhere in between the big east could possibly land a nice deal to keep par with the other conferences or at least be in the same neighborhood. 

My Opinion:

The Big East should hold off sending invitations to multiple C-USA teams and lay and wait because the big 12 is going to eventually collapse. Teams like Texas A&M and Oklahoma are getting tired of kissing Texas's pinky ring and this new T.V deal didnt help the matter so if an invitation comes from the SEC their going to jump at the opportunity resulting in the demise of the big 12 and opening the door for the big east to raid the north. 

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