Louisville's remaining schedule per the RPI

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Men's Basketball - Team RPIs (2010-2011)

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Only games against Division I opponents are counted. 
Bold - teams made the tournament     arrow - weekly ranking change (reset monday morning)
Last updated: Mon Jan 24 09:45:00 PST 2011 (This page updates daily)

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Rank School W-L RPI SOS
SOS Conf. Conf.
Up 3 From Last Week 1   Brigham Young  18-1  0.6756 20  0.5854   Mwest 5-0 
Down 1 From Last Week 2   Kansas  18-1  0.6745 14  0.5941   Big12 3-1 
Up 4 From Last Week 3   Connecticut  16-2  0.6729 15  0.5932   Bige 4-2 
Down 2 From Last Week 4   San Diego St.  18-0  0.6727 41  0.5636   Mwest 5-0 
5   Pittsburgh  19-1  0.6696 26  0.5803   Bige 7-0 
6   Ohio St.  20-0  0.6623 54  0.5497   Big10 7-0 
Down 4 From Last Week 7   Syracuse  18-2  0.6574 19  0.5860   Bige 5-2 
8   Georgetown  14-5  0.6563 4  0.6279   Bige 3-4 
Up 2 From Last Week 9   Villanova  17-2  0.6560 30  0.5743   Bige 5-1 
10   Duke  18-1  0.6500 59  0.5463   Acc 5-1 
Up 3 From Last Week 11   Notre Dame  16-4  0.6464 12  0.5972   Bige 5-3 
Up 3 From Last Week 12   Purdue  17-3  0.6448 33  0.5711   Big10 6-1 
Down 1 From Last Week 13   Kentucky  15-4  0.6428 21  0.5844   Sec 3-2 
Down 5 From Last Week 14   West Virginia  13-5  0.6350 6  0.6116   Bige 4-2 
Up 26 From Last WeekUp 26 From Last Week 15   Texas  16-3  0.6343 28  0.5757   Big12 4-0

Louisville is currently ranked #39 in the RPI (Ratings Percentage Index), a tool used by the NCAA Tournament Selection Committee (AKA "Friends of Joey Brackets") to determine seeding. Over the next 41 days, U of L plays WVU (#14) twice, UConn (#3) twice plus at Georgetown (#8), at Notre Dame (#11), home vs. Syracuse (#7) and home vs. Pittsburgh (#5).

That means eight of U of L's twelve remaining regular season games are against RPI Top 15 teams. The other four remaining conference games are home vs. DePaul (#219), at Cincinnati (#38), at Rutgers (#101), and Senior Night at home vs. Providence (#103).

According to the RPI, Louisville has just  three wins over teams currently in the RPI Top 50: at home vs. St. John's (#24), at home vs. UNLV (#30) and at home vs. Butler (#40). The next highest RPI win was at home over Marquette, ranked #61.

Louisville's four losses, using RPI rankings, were at Villanova (#9), at home vs. Kentucky (#13), at home vs. Drexel (#64) and at Providence (#103).

The heroes that run are predicting Louisville to finish 22-9 (11-7), which would surely be enough to solidify an NCAA Tournament bid. This predictor includes upsets over WVU at home, Pitt at home and UConn at home.

So what does all this mean? Clearly, the KFC Yum! Center is our basketball team's beef helmet.

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