Unbelievable, Unforgettable Day of Basketball. On the Floor.


So as I posted previously, I am incredibly lucky to be connected to the man who owns arguably the four best seats in the entire arena.  And I was even luckier to get the best two of those seats for this unforgettable game.

I was given the tickets back in Nov and I planned to make a real day of it with my best bud wscii, who, along with his scholar/saint of a father, has taken me to 80% of all Louisville home games since 2006 at least.  Mike was kind enough to allow me to create these T-shirts with the CC logo for the occasion.  More on obtaining one for yourself later... You know you want one.


We began the day with kegs & eggs at 9 at BBC.  16oz Mimosa FTW (I hate bloody marys).


Walked over shortly after the doors opened, hoarding the time to soak it all in.  Cool things happen when you're on the floor early...


Like Steve Masiello drawing up a play with Chris Smith and George Goode RIGHT NEXT TO YOU!


Or meeting Bill "THE TIN!" Raftery -- really nice guy.  "Look at THAT STUD in the middle, there!" said Bill.

Things got moving and all the usual Cardinal icons became close enough to touch (or high five, in the case of the Cardinal Bird):




It came time for the tip and from then on I was fully focused.  Sorry all, I'm not much for taking photos during the action. I leave that to Sam34gtr.  But here's some vanity in action from the DVR when I got home!


Pretty sure these are Uncle Jack's seats at the Staples Center.


One of my favorite moments: wscii instructing Buzz Williams to "POLISH MY BEEF HELMET!!"  Followed up by "did you like what I just said to Buzz?" I love this man.

We all know what happened in the final six minutes of the game, and then there was this: 22,000 people losing their minds with pure, concentrated victory.Itsover_medium




That's about all I've got.  Thanks for taking in my little slideshow.  Here's the deal with the shirts: you can get them by going to the Cafe Press brick and mortar store on Hurstbourne (by Pier1 Imports).  They're under my name, Chris Sohl.  Cheap they are not, but hey, they got shout-out after smirk after nod at the arena today because Mike writes the best damn Louisville blog, nay, content on the web, and everyone knows it. I'm also going to set up an online Cafe Press store in Mike's name and let him sell them, in thanks and appreciation for the time and passion he pours into this thing every single day.  So buy them with your moneys!

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