Random thoughts on Nova game

Some thoughts on tonight's game:

1) My faith in Preston! has been fully restored after having it stripped from me last year.  I'm now fully okay with his off-balance shots and sometimes dicey decisions. He's a great shooter, keep it coming.

2) Why does Villanova always have a PF/C that can consistently hit the 15-18' jumper from the top of the key/elbow?  Seriously, just miss some damn shots.

3) I didn't like the announcers saying that UL didn't have a chance if they didn't hit eight 3s in the second half.  While he might have been right, he completely ignored that Villanova was also shooting like 60% from 3-pt range as well. Including hitting some really well-defended shots.

4) I swear I can't stand the pump fake, lean 3 feet toward the basket to draw the foul jumpshot.  I can buy the foul call in the lane, but if the shooter is contorting his body to draw the foul, I think it's a BS, cop-out foul.  That said, I don't know why our guys don't do it. ever.

5) It's been said before, but Nova got 95% of the bounces tonight. It probably didn't make the difference in an other 8-12 pt game, but you never know how momentum could have turned.  oh well, these things tend to balance out over the year.

6) Is it me, or did every single one of Nova's FTs hit the rim in 5 different spots before going in?  To be honest, I would rather them swish all their FTs, at least I could chalk that up to a ton of practice.  When they bounce all over the place and finally fall in, I just get pissed off.

7) TJ/SVT, gotta make some of those bunnies.  Actually, just make any of them.

8) We badly missed Rock Buckles tonight.  Pena and Yarou had their way.  We need him back sooner than later.  Are we still expecting mid-Feb?  Or perhaps maybe sooner?


All in all, I think I'm actually kinda encouraged.  I'm not satisfied, but I'm not disappointed.  Can't really complain, but it's nice to be able to shrug off a loss like this.  We played hard, just didn't have that rebounding force we need.  Hi, Chane.

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