I hate Bobby Gonzalez.


I hate Bobby Gonzalez. I hate him. I hate him. I hate him.

I hated watching him coach. I hated watching him recruit, I hated watching him over react to everything.


So in the months in which he was booed by a home crowd, fired, and later picked up on shop lifting a man-purse were giddy times in my life.

Sometimes I’ll google his name and hope that something new and insane has happened to him by his own actions.


Today, I was on the Seton Hall blog and found this delicious tidbit.

It seems that Bobby’s wife had posting this on PirateCrew message boards under the name "lindag”.



"Please leave my family alone, we have been through enough.
This incident is no more than a misunderstanding and one, I'm afraid,
is my fault.
Bobby did not steal anything, he did not shoplift anything. I was on
the phone with him and I blindsided him with bad news about my
mother's health. I was trying to explain to him a test they wanted to
do on her the next day. His reception was going in and out and he
said, I'm going to hang up, and I will call you right back. He walked
out of the store, didn't realize he had the bag. He went into a
restaurant next door, tried to call me back, still bad reception, then
realized he had the bag. He gave it to two girls said it belonged to
the store next door. They returned it for him, while he ran out of the
mall to get back to me. He did not leave the mall with a bag. He did
not steal anything. He did not remove tags on anything. If there was a
tag removed, it was that way when he picked it up.
Because he left the store with the bag and because he was recognized,
the store filed a complaint anyway. That's it.
I would appreciate it if you would stop the sarcasm and cruel
nonsense. It is undeserved and plain wrong."


While she has the right to be left alone to wallow in the fact she has to deal with Bobby Gonzalez everyday. She does not have the right to live in a make believe world where her husband did not steal a man-purse.


This article below paints a picture of what actully happened.



A couple tid-bits.



-But Parin tells a different story. In her version, Gonzalez left the bag and said he’d return with his wife to be seated at the restaurant. After about 20 minutes and no sign of him, she and other employees checked inside and discovered the bag was brand new. Still, something wasn’t right, she said.

"We looked in the bag and it was completely empty," the Clark resident said. "It was just empty and we’d noticed that the sensor was ripped, the leather was all shredded in the middle." Parin alerted managers at the Polo store, who confirmed that nobody had purchased that item that day.

-Millburn police described the theft, saying "Robert P. Gonzalez of Harrison, N.Y.," entered the Polo store that day, removed the bag’s security sensor device, then walked "out of the store without paying for the item."



Face Gonzo. You’re a tool, you can fool your wife but not anyone else

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