Strong appears to have it ALL!

The more I SEE, HEAR, and SPEAK (type counts, right?) about HCCS and his affect on people, players, etc. the more I'm becoming a cult-like follower of the man.  The man can apparently do no evil and he is developing a cult-like following from Louisville fans in my opinion.  The attendance numbers he's garnering from appearance sand selling out the stadium with the product we're likely going to be putting on the field this year is nothing short of miraculous. 

Anyway, I work with a gentleman whose brother is an aspiring starting DT for the Cardinals.  I was trying to see if my coworker could provide any insight on Demar Dorsey or Jordan Campbell and I've asked him several times what his bro has to say about the state of the program, the former coach, and since the hiring of HCCS now, HCCS.

Players seem to love him and are buying into everything.  His brother has nothing but praise for Strong and confirms pretty much what everyone else is stating - that Strong works their tails off but they all revere him!  They're buying into everything Strong is selling too.  Sure, the initial buy-in was probably mainly because he comes from such a successful background.  From what I'm gathering though, I would say that has developed into more of a respect and admiration for Strong for the simple fact that he's a true leader of men.  He's willing to get out and into the trenches with the men, and genuinely cares for their success and welbeing.  Some of them are amazed by his physical prowess - he's apparently a beast (especially for a man his age) in the gym.  From what little I know about him, I would assume he wouldn't ask the guys to do anything he wouldn't do or hasn't done himself.  He's instilling all kinds of teamwork and camaraderie with the men and the hardships they have endured and will continue to endure will do nothing but add esprit de corps to the team.  This being said, and me being a betting man, I would bet the farm that 75% of these guys will go to war for each other and their coach.  The end result of these efforts to promote teamwork will HOPEFULLY surprise the hell out of us Card fans - at least those of us with realistic expectations.  For the fanatics out there with unrealistic expectations, hopefully this team meets or exceeds your outlook.  Unfortunately, a clear field general has yet to be clearly identified by Strong.  One thing is for sure:  these cards will have a lot more to fight for under Strong and will have the conditioning to last four quarters, keeping us in more games that we would have lost the last several years.

Many on his staff apparently JUMPED at the chance to work for Charlie.  I just read somewhere that one of his coaches said the move from Miami to Louisville to work for Strong was a "no-brainer".  Joker reportedly offered to work for him years ago, knowing that Strong would end up a head coach.  Unfortunately for Coach Strong, that is by all accounts too long overdue.  Fortunately for us Cardinal fans, it has come at the right time.  I defy any of you to find a better hire for this program based on what Strong has done for us to this point.

The fan base is onboard now too!  I've not been this excited for UofL Football since... well, since before KRAPthorpe took over the reins and I know I'm not alone!  I can't get enough of UofL Football and that has spilled over to excitement for UofL Basketball again too!  That being said, I'm still a realist and expect a mediocre season at best based on the size and talent of our guys that Coach inherited from that fraud Krapthorpe.  After the 2007-8 season, I was one of the ones saying that maybe we should give that loser a chance.  He kicked some players off and I was ticked at Petrino for bolting for "greener pastures", so I gave KRAP the benefit of the doubt too long, hoping his recruits and talent could turn things around. 

Professors probably love the man too since he is committed to getting the guys in class and passing - less headache and ethical dilemmas for the professors to mull over.

Any doubts about HCCS have been put to rest for the most part.  He has turned out to be a GREAT HIRE on all fronts so far and there is only one test remaining - his ability to operate as the HMFIC.  I'm planning on being amazed by his feats in this regard too though!


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