Up in the morning before the rising sun

The lights shine bright on our newly expanded stadium as Charlie Strong's first official practice of the 2010 season commenced this morning.  Details after the jump...

(Image import not working... click here for stadium shot)

Though there was some players moving around 5am, the real party didn't officially get started until 6:04am.  Warm-ups started slow with stretching and increased in speed, ending with multiple 20-yard sprints.  Pat Moorer is a beast... kind of like a sane-looking Zues from No Holds Barred.  He barks out the drills and motivation, blowing into a whistle while sending each of the 3 waves of players down 20 yard warm-ups.  (By the way, if these warm-ups are any indication of success, our field hockey team is going to be solid too, as I saw them doing the same thing while driving past the university). 

One valuable thing I think can be gathered by the warm-up routine... Froman appears to be the starter, as he was with the first "wave" of players this morning, followed by Burke, then Stein.  Speaking of Stein, that guy is quick, as he was the clear leader in the 20-yard sprints every single sprint.  I definitely vote for his name to be Will "Moxy" Stein, as "The Bullet" is already taken.

I wasn't able to snap great photos, but with only a 10mp digital camera, these are the best I could got from a fan's perspective.  The defense and special teams started early with Vance Bedford barking orders while other coaches provided team instruction to their units during some drills.  Blesser seems to be a pretty good punter, and Philpott made every single FG from what I saw, though there were only three (22, 40, and 45 yarders) before the next circuit of drills.

Practice Pic 1

Practice Pic 2

Practice Pic 3

Stadium pic from Trager after sunrise

I also did not see Chichester anywhere (supposedly he's practicing with the newcomers this evening), and Randy Salmon spent most of practice on the stationary bike.

Charlie Springer also has a better post providing much better shots and details later in the practice.  He also includes a video of most of the fans that attended (my ugly mug is there at the 1:25 mark... probably why it blacks out).

Were you there?  If so, what are your thoughts?

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