Post VI-- Top Ten Louisville Rivals Investigation: #6 Poll

Top five have rounded out.  The Memphis Tigers clenched the 5 spot with 59% of the vote.  Congratulations, Tigers.  Looking forward to Charlie Strong having his way with you in football again this year.  So, here are your top five Louisville Rivalries according the CCers' votes:  

Louisville's Top 10 Rivals

1.  University of Kentucky

2.  West Virginia University

3.  University of Cincinnati

4.  Marquette University

5.  University of Memphis

6. ?


The investigation now continues with the 6 spot.  I ran into an article about what makes a great rivalry.  Check it out.  It lists five factors (though Louisville v. Kentucky is an exception to one rule).   Also, I have not had any new nominations in a while, so I took the liberty of nominating a school that I felt should at least be somewhat competitive with the current players.  These write ups are only going to get harder from here on out, so I'll appreciate any reasons you can provide with why a team should be considered for a spot on the list.  Also, I'm taking nominations for the 7 spot now.  6 Spot Contestants include:  

University of Pittsburgh

The University of Pittsburgh and the University of Louisville are definitely not a traditional rivalry.  I feel this one, as the others nominated, is one in the making.   Honestly, there's not a whole lot to go on.  The fact that both are urban schools in industrial cities should count for something.  Also lately, we've had some big basketball games.  You might recall, as I do, a game in mid-January this year when both Louisville and Pitt fans were trying to determine whether the season was going to turn into a hot one for them.  The Cardinals looked like they had the game handled for the first 35 minutes or so of the game.  Then, a bad call, a bad play, an overtime, and they blew it.   A heart-breaker that no CCer needed after a devastating loss to Kentucky and a blown opportunity against Villanova a week or so prior. 

Louisville Cardinals' Toughness Can't Cover Talent Gap in Pittsburgh Loss Jonathan Lintner by Jonathan Lintner Senior Analyst Written on January 16, 2010 Rackmultipart

For 40 minutes Saturday, Louisville handed Pittsburgh its own Steel City lesson on how to play tough.  But in a five-minute overtime session, the Panthers fought back, overwhelming the Cardinals' efforts the same way Kentucky and Villanova recovered from second-half deficits to beat Louisville already this season.

This was disappointing.  However, not so long ago, the Cardinals took on a #1 ranked Pitt and owned.  This game will stay in the record books for a while despite the more recent victory of a #1 ranked Syracuse.  

No. 1 Pittsburgh falls to No. 20 Louisville 69-63

The junior forward scored 16 points—including the clinching jumper with 45 seconds remaining—and grabbed 11 rebounds on his 21st birthday to lift the 20th-ranked Cardinals over the No. 1 Panthers, 69-63 on Saturday night.

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP)—Pittsburgh’s perfect season unraveled in a perfect storm of missed shots, missed opportunities and one exquisitely timed birthday party by Louisville’s Earl Clark.

Clark celebrating in such a fashion could not have made me happier.   It should also be noted, that other than this past season, the Cards have owned the series.

Since joining the Big East fve seasons ago, the Cards have had tremendous success against Pitt during the regular season.

In 2007, Louisville secured a signature victory by going on the road and upsetting the highly-favored Panthers by 13. A year later, U of L became the first program in the Big East to notch multiple victories inside the Peterson Events Center. And then last January, Pittsburgh saw both its undefeated season and No. 1 ranking fall by the wayside after a trip to Freedom Hall.

Since entering the Big East, the Louisville- Pitt Football series has gone from one sided, to almost split down the middle.  Currently it's Louisville 3, Pittsburgh 2.  As with most current football rivalries Louisville is in, the down slope coincides with a particular coach that I will not mention by name.  And while this has nothing to do with the rivalry, it's amusing to watch:  

Watch wonder why (a) the WVU fan was at the game and (b) why he was so happy to see the Cards Dominate.  The only other aspect of this rivalry that I can think of is that Pitt fans are annoying.  I don't exactly remember what, but I think they make annoying sounds from the stands.   I don't have any CCer comments on this rivalry, but I'd love to read whatever you can think. 


Syracuse University

This is a budding rivalry. --guyngreen



Like few other Louisville rivalries, Louisville has recently been dominating it.  The best Syracuse Basketball team we've seen for years fell not once, but twice, to the Cardinals this past season.  Most recently, Kyle Kuric shut down Freedom Hall against a #1 ranked Syracuse in a fashion few could have imagined or predicted.  This game was the highlight of the 09-10 season.

Of course, along with the basketball rivalry, we always want to mention that Jim Boeheim was Rick Pitino's mentor.  However, Rick, apparently has Jim's number because Louisville hasn't lost to Syracuse in Basketball since 2006, the NIT season. 

I thought the Cards would never lose to the 'Cuse in football until they pulled off a shocker in 2007.  At the time, I didn't realize it was the beginning of a long decline in Louisville Football history.  That was the last game Cardinal Football played ranked, 18th.  Needless to say, after two stellar seasons and a crushing Kentucky loss this was the last thing we wanted.  Since, Louisville and Syracuse have been battling for second to last.  These games have been competitive battles and fun to watch.

by Mike Rutherford on in Football Comment 21 comments

Ten quick thoughts from the masterpiece that was Saturday's victory:

1. That may have been the least exciting BCS conference football game ever played, but it still did feel really good to win. The players deserved it and it was also nice to thrust a knife into the collective heart of a Syracuse fan base that had been rejuvenated a bit by a new head coach. That was for the last two years.

2. Kragthorpe is still so gone.

3. Josh Chichester is really tall and can catch the football. It's unbelievable that it took 21 games to properly utilize these pair of facts.

4. I was surprised that Chris Campa wasn't named a starter at the beginning of the season and am even more surprised now that it's become apparent that he's the BIGGEST BAD ASS IN ALL OF FOOTBALL.


CCers on Syracuse: 

I’ll mention Marquette and Syracuse as contenders for #4 despite the fact that there is no football rivalry with Marquette, and the football rivalry with Syracuse has only been a race to avoid cellar-dweller status during the not-nearly-brief-enough tenure of Him Who Shall Not Be Named. We just don’t have that many football rivals – we’ve moved on from such historical nemeses as Southern Miss, and we don’t really register (yet) on the radar of a Florida State or Miami. by rickmbari

Second the Syracuse nomination! Here’s to hoping that Charlie Strong can break that nasty trend. Let it be duly noted that the UofL/Syracuse home game two years ago has been the only game in my ten years of season tickets I have ever left early. The only reason I left was because I was suffering from a horrible migraine. I’m not sure what the migraine trigger was that day: being out in the sun or the pathetic game…by tarabelle17
How long does it take to develop a rivalry based on losing in the wrong sport? Which is to say, will anything ever come of Syracuse-Louisville? Just curious what you guys think. by drothgery
I actually see this a budding rivalry Especially with SU ‘stealing’ some of our FB and BB recruits the past year or two. Steal all the ones you can, because they aren’t really making a difference for SU. by guyngreen
Potential for rivalry is definitely there in both sports by UL is my hot hot sex I think Syracuse and UCONN could be an OK rivalry if all three of our football teams improve but its just not there for me yet.  by UL is my hot hot sex

I think it started when the then laughing stock of Big East Football, The Orange, beat the still ranked Cards in football in 2007. That was a big game for them. This year, that was the only BE game in football we won. 2009— Basketball, BE Tourney Finals. 2010— 2 huge wins for Louisville over highly ranked ‘Cuse. I think there is at least some sort of rivalry going because we keep playing big games. I don’t know if it falls in the top 5, but I’d definitely put it in the top 10.  by REALISTICCARDSFAN --quoting myself again

I'd have to disagree Syracuse does fit that bill as well… because they are "competitive" in FB vs Louisville as well… the past 3 years might change that, but maybe Marrone can improve their program as well.  by guyngreen


University of Connecticut

I haven't heard a whole lot of press on the Louisville-Connecticut Rivalry.  However, this past basketball season watching a struggling UConn lose twice to the Cards put a smile on my face.

Back to Storrs, Connecticut. Time out. 29 seconds on the clock. Everyone inside Gampel Pavilion knew Edgar wanted to take the last shot. Pitino knew that Edgar needed to take the last shot. For himself. For his team. For the win. And perhaps most importantly, for confidence heading into March. 29 seconds left. "I'll make it," says Edgar.

Sosa feeds off the pressure, the fans, the moment, the oft overstated bravado that is a New York City point guard. Yes, Peyton Siva is primed for a great career at Louisville. But today, this week, this's Edgar's time. Throw out the efficiency stats. Forgive the missed free throws. Ignore the criticism. A Louisville team that plays well this March is a team that's led by a confident Edgar. A Good Edgar. An "I'll Make It" Edgar.

I did a quick Google search to see what's out there.  This jogged my memory, not only is there a rivalry here between football and basketball, there is also a rivalry here in women's basketball:

Q.  Can you just address how Louisville UConn rivalry has matured in the last two years, two Big East finals now and a national championship?  And maybe also how after this game how maybe you guys will take this rivalry to even a higher level now that you're playing in a national final?
COACH AURIEMMA:  Yeah, it's always interesting for us in the last 10 years or so, however long, it was going to be Connecticut and Notre Dame for the rest of the Big East history.  And then it was Connecticut and Rutgers for the rest of the Big East history.
Now it's Connecticut/Louisville.  It just seems to me that if you consider yourself the best team or the best, more importantly, the best basketball program in a conference, then it's just natural that as other programs get better you're going to have to deal with that.
And in this case, again, because of Angel McCoughtry and Candyce Bingham, specifically, and generally the way they recruited and the way they've built their program, who knows what's going to happen in the future.  Who knows where they'll be next year.  I just hope we're still around to still talk about who our big rivals are.

I don't know a lot about women's basketball, but I do know that both teams were in the final four last year, and UConn won. 

Besides this, I also remember in the Cards two most recent dominant seasons the Huskies were unbeatable.

The other memory that UConn brings to mind, in a rivalry sense, is the 2007 football game.

UConn scored its first points on a Larry Taylor's controversial 74-yard punt return. With the Huskies down 7-0 with 13 minutes left in the third quarter, Taylor settled under a 45-yard punt and appeared to call for a fair catch at the Connecticut 26.

Replays showed Taylor putting up his right hand, and Louisville players stopped their pursuit as soon as he caught the ball. But Taylor sprinted left, then down the sideline and the referees didn't stop the play.

Louisville coach Steve Kragthorpe called a timeout before the extra point in an effort to get the officials to take another look, but after a consultation, they said a fair-catch signal isn't reviewable.

Fair Catches are now reviewable.  I still can't believe this call.  Worst part about this was that UConn won the game 21-17, and the Cards were 1 conference game short of being bowl eligible. 

CCers on Connecticut:

i would go cincy 2 wvu 3 and uconn (yes uconn) jcarti01

Love to hate strongly dislike UConn and it’s SullyCard Rivalry

I think Syracuse and UCONN could be an OK rivalry if all three of our football teams improve but its just not there for me yet.  I wouldn’t necessarily agree that we have more than 3 or 4 true rivals right now but if I were forced to make a Top 10, I suppose those teams would have to be included.

My 2010 List:
1. UK
2. WVU
3a. Cincinnati
3b. Marquette
5. Memphis

by UL is my hot hot sex

I think UConn, at least for me, is a more hated rival than either Cincy or Marquette. I have even found my self rooting for Cincy of late – Cincy coach is a member of the Pitino tree, the Cincy fball team helped maintain BE fball relavancy.  UConn on the other hand makes my skin crawl – I still wretch at the thought of the fair catch… plus the arrogance of their bball team irritates me, I mean how can they presume such arrogance when they aren’t even the best program at their school? by cardinNO

I'll take that as a UConn Nomination for the #3 spot. That fair catch really pissed me off too. As soon as it happened I said a rivalry should spawn from it. That and them beating us basketball in 2007 or 2008 during their team spirit REALISTICCARDSFAN... Yes I just quoted myself.
Lol. I bet this year the women’s team could beat the men’s at UConn. That would be an awesome CardinalDude

Before we joined the Big East, did UConn even show up on our rivals radar? Calm down a little, realize that the Cards have fans of all ages so rivals with more history than UConn are still leaving bitter tastes in those fans’ mouths.

Consider this… do you hate the UConn football team, or just the player that signaled the fair catch? My animosity died when he graduated two years ago and the rules were changed to make fair catches reviewable. I also respect the way their team has had to deal with the death of Jasper Howard last season. I have more angst for Kragthorpe than I do UConn football.

I would put UConn in our top 5 or 6, but even though I may not like them, I have more respect for them than I do a Memphis or a Marquette. Thanks to the women’s bball coach at UConn, that respect does dwindle based upon some of his past comments. by guyngreen
It should be... a team that we play annually in both major sports (fb & bb)…and it should be a team that is competitive in both. That leaves UCONN as the only option.  F$%K anyone who signals for fake fair catches!  by *G*
I agree  UCONN should have been the choice for #3!!! ...Well I guess you all are one reason that UCONN has taken our lunch money for that last few years. – I am disgusted with this poll…by cardinNO
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