Post I -- Top 10 Louisville Rivals Investigation

As discussed and voted on, I am starting a series of posts to determine which colleges are Louisville's top 10 rivals in sports programs (primarily Basketball and Football, but I'd also love to learn about rivalries in other sports if they exist). 

The system will work like this:

1. I'll write up a post soliciting nominations for the next highest rival on top 10 list.  CCers can make nominations for a period of time (probably a week).  CCers will have a chance to make cases for the team they think deserves the spot.  Write a comment, write a post, post a link.  It's the off season, what else do we have to do?  Try to go out and have a life again?  Nahh.

2.  I'll write another post where CCer can vote (probably for a week) for the rivals nominated, including your arguments for why they should take the spot.

3. I'll write up another post telling the winner of the vote and soliciting nominations for the next place holder.


A rival is one of two or more striving to reach or obtain something that only one can possess b : one striving for competitive advantage.  In our context, a rival is a team we'd hate to watch Louisville lose to, more so than any other teams.  To me, a rival comes from a hatred or sincere dislike of a fan base, coach, or team.  California is not a rival.  Louisville's #1 Rival is, without question, the University of Kentucky.  Scholars have argued, and I agree, that the University of Louisville / University of Kentucky Rivalry is college basketball's best  rivalry.  As a Louisville fan, I cannot stand the Kentucky fan base.  I am repulsed by Coach Calipari, and the fact that DeMarcus Cousins is allowed to play makes me sick.  Our famous Governor's Cup football game is not bad either.  I can't think of good reasons to hate any of their players or Joker Phillips right now, but Kentucky Football has practically the same fan base as Kentucky Basketball, which I cannot stand.  The Wildcats take the #1 spot. 

Here's Wikipedia on the Louisville Cardinals Rivalries:


UK has more wins in the basketball rivalry than does U of L. Main article: Kentucky-Louisville rivalry

The Louisville Cardinals rivalry with the Kentucky Wildcats is widely considered one of the most intense college rivalries in the United States.[10] It is also one of the few rivalries to be equally intense in basketball and football, and practically every other sport as well. The men's basketball game is called the Battle for the Bluegrass; the football game is officially called the Governor's Cup.

Tradition has been since the rivalry resumed that whoever would win the football game would go on to lose the basketball game. However in 2003 Louisville broke that tradition by winning both the football and basketball game.

Unlike many in-state rivalries that have been played continuously for many decades, these two schools went through a long period from the 1930s to the 1980s of rarely facing each other. They did play frequently from the 1900s to 1920's. The results have been mixed since the renewal of the men's basketball rivalry in 1983–84 and football in 1994, with UK leading the modern basketball rivalry (17 of 27 games or 62.9%) and Louisville leading the modern football rivalry (9 of 14 games or 64.3%). UK leads the overall football rivalry 11 games to 9 and the overall basketball rivalry 26 games to 13.

Louisville's other rivals include the University of Cincinnati, West Virginia University, Marquette University, and the University of Memphis.


What makes a good rivalry?  Competition?  Proximity?  A series of games?

Who's #2? 

I'll go ahead and say the two school I'm thinking, I nominate: the University of Memphis and West Virginia University. 

It's rough to say that Memphis is still our rival because Memphis has not played Louisville in basketball since 2005.  Memphis played Louisville in football in 2008, but Memphis has not beat Louisville in Football since 2003.  However, I'm sure it would still kill most of us to see the Cards fall to the Tigers on October 9th.  Is football every other year enough to still call this our #2 rivalry?  Does the rivalry mean more to them than us?  Sheraton Hotel thought the rivalry was still strong during the 2007-2008 season.



West Virginia has a strong case to take the spot.  Few Louisville fans are also fans of Bob Huggins.  Why can't that guy wear a suit?  The fan base is annoy, loud, rude, and crude.  The Cards have fallen in the last 3 football games to the Mountaineers, and the Mountaineers illegitimately won the last basketball game.  What CC reader wouldn't give up a healthy ankle to see the Cards emerge victoriously on November 20th (if we could only make that deal)?  This rivalry even has it's own Wikipedia page.  

The Louisville-West Virginia rivalry is a new rivalry game between the University of Louisville and West Virginia University football teams. The rivalry was introduced in 2005, as Louisville left Conference USA and moved into the Big East conference. Since then, it has become a marquee matchup in Big East play and college football. The game has also become more important in basketball play as well.[1]

West Virginia leads the current football series 4-1, and the all-time series 9-2.[2] However, Louisville leads the basketball series 4-1, and the all-time series 7-2.[3]

Make your case for Memphis, West Virginia, or another college.  I'm taking nominations until at least next Wednesday (March 31st).  I'll set out a poll then, or soon after.  

Happy Arguing!  


Louisville's Top 10 Rivals

1. University of Kentucky

2. ? 

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