Semi-Saturday Open Thread

One of the most exciting days of the college basketball season.  Championships and semi-finals starting now (get your DC fix on CBS! with Gus Johnson announcing!) and culminating with the Big East Championship in what should be a good game.  In between, you've got:

11:30 - Conference USA Championship - Houston v. UTEP (CBS - GUS JOHNSON)

Will the committee create a story-line with DC (re)United with his classmates Jerry Smith and Edgar Sosa against the Coach/Father Figure who cast him away? 

12:00 - America East Championship - Vermont v. Boston U (ESPN2)

Vermont could be a sexy 12 over 5 pick with a win today.  Boston U could be a easily-forgotten 15 seed. 

1:00 - SEC Semifinal - UK v. Tennessee (ABC) (really? ABC? Weird)

Nothing much to say about this one.  Except that I can't wait until UK plays a good team this season.

1:00 - A-10 Semifinal  - Temple v. Rhode Island (Not Televised?)

Nothing much to say about this one, for real this time.

1:30 - ACC Semifinal - Duke v. Miami (ESPN)

Miami somehow stealing an at-large spot is the only thing that may, maybe like 1% keep us out.  So, gulp, let's go Duke.

1:40 - Big 10 Semifinal - Illinois v. OSU (CBS)

National Player of the Year Evan Turner tries to chase the Kuric feeling against Illinois, who should be in regardless but could solidify things with a strong showing or win.  OSU has an outside chance at a #1 seed but regardless should end up in Syracuse's bracket, I randomly predict.  Regardless.

3:00 - SEC Semifinal - Vandy v. MSU (ABC)

Not quite Marquette/Georgetown or even Rhode Island/Temple really. 

3:30 - ACC Semifinal - NC State v. GaTech (ESPN)

Not quite Vandy/MSU.

4:00 - Big 10 Semifinal - Minnesota v. Purdue (CBS)

Tubby has his team poised to be literally the least sexy sexy 12-5 upset pick ever.

6:00 - Big 12 CHAMPIONSHIP - Kansas v. K-State (ESPN)

Probably the best game of the day.  Kansas has a chance to lock up the overall #1 seed with a win.  K-State is a team that for some reason people think is good even though I don't believe it.  When they knock us out next Saturday in the 2 v. 10 match-up, I will feel bad for having written this blurb.

6:00 - Pac 10 CHAMPIONSHIP - Cal v. Washington (CBS)

Washington making the Championship may be enough to prevent the Pac-10 from embarrassingly becoming a 1-bid league this year.  Winning it would assure that, although we can all still point and laugh. 

7:00 - Mountain West CHAMPIONSHIP - UNLV v. San Diego State (Maybe VS or something)

San Diego State is listed as a 12 on the Bracket Matrix, which makes me think they are one of the last at-large teams in.  UNLV safely on the 9 line.  Should be a battle either way, but both of these teams present a scary first round match-up for whomever they end up facing the first weekend.

9:00 - BIG EAST CHAMPIONSHIP - Georgetown v. WVU (ESPN obv)

The great-uncle of them all.  Since both teams got at least one bye, there should be some reasonably fresh legs.  WVU still has a very outside chance at a #1 seed and a beatdown tonight would give them a boost (along with Duke and OSU losing by like 50) but Georgetown has a chance to really improve their seed.  Seriously, where do they seed the Big East teams this year?  Georgetown could be anywhere from a 3 to a 7, ND could be a 5-10, we could be a 8-12, Marquette in the same 7-11 range. 

So, lots of good basketball.  Even if we aren't playing.

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