Delayed Depaul thoughts

I wish everyday could be Depaul Day. 

 There's been a lot of talk about inconsistency and playing to the level of opponents in the wake of this victory, but honestly, this was almost exactly what I expected. 

Depaul plays the same way Louisville does and has two guys who would start for just about every other team in the Big East, the difference is the Cards are slightly more talented overall and about four times deeper. This is the perfect recipe for a tight 30-35 minutes of basketball followed by a late run by the deeper team leading to an 8-12 point victory.

 Was anyone else stunned by Jerry Smith's ballhandling abilities? I'm aware that Depaul doesn't exactly represent the best the sport has to offer in terms of tough man-to-man defense, but during his stint as floor genera, Jerry was beating Blue Demons off the dribble with ease and looking less out-of-control with the ball than he has at any point during his U of L career. 

I'm pretty quick to dismiss a lot of Rick Pitino's seemingly out-of-left field statements, but I think his praise for Jerry's recent play (despite his sub-par offensive output) is spot on. Jerry's been our best defender over the last couple of weeks, he's passed the ball well, stayed at least moderately in control on fast breaks and cut way down on the Jerry Fouls. 

Still waiting for a three towel sighting though. 

 I also agree with Pitino about Peyton Siva needing to bulk up in the offseason. Too often he tries to split traps and then is knocked to the floor and loses the ball when he encounters the slightest bit of contact. 

We're still going to need Siva's quickness and playmaking ability if we do make it to the dance and face a team that isn't quite as physically imposing as the ones we're seeing now. The improvement in his outside shot is more evidence of just how good he's going to be once Edgar Sosa's Cardinal career comes to a close. 

 How drunk was Will Walker? He made two great moves to score on Preston early in the first half, and I think all of us kind of went, "uh oh." But not only did he not connect on a field goal attempt the rest of the game, I think he airballed at least four pretty open looks. 

It was not a good time for him to be off that badly. 

 Kyle Kuric is incapable of drawing a foul. He's the white, infinitely more mature Derrick Caracter

 Kudos to "Web" for snagging a shot with Preston (Preston!) after the game.


His girlfriend (accurately) remarked afterward that PK was "too cool for school."

Too cool for life. 

 I think a neat joke for an announcer to make would be to yell "security" after a big block or dunk. Because, you see, in real life when something bad happens, people often call for a security guard to come and assist them with their problem. The joke, when related to the game of basketball, would therefore be used to imply that a person who had just had something bad happen to them (been dunked on, had their shot rejected, etc.) could use some form of assistance. Only, that assistance is never going to come, because, you see, the duties of security guards do not extend to the basketball court. 

That would be classic. 

 Terrence Jennings is officially out of the doghouse.

Despite Samardo Samuels' 36-point effort against Notre Dame, Pitino claimed after the game that Jennings "deserved" to play more than four minutes. On Saturday he left Jennings in during the most critical point of the game and TJ responded, shutting down Mac Koshwal and scoring a big bucket to give us a lead we wouldn't relinquish. It's no coincidence that Jennings was the player picked to address the media before the Georgetown game. 

 Jared Swopshire loves the jump pass more than I loved Laguna Beach. And I LOVED Laguna Beach.

 I miss Wainwright. 

 Reggie Delk's transition defense is beautiful. By my count he's now blocked four shots on fast breaks, and I've lost count of the number of balls he's poked away at full speed. 

He's going to graduate without most Cardinal fans ever appreciating just how athletic he is. 

 It was good to see George back in action and sporting the fresh #0 jersey (Are "0" and "00" two different options? Did we retire Rashaad Brooks' number?). I'm hearing more and more that Pitino's future plans don't include Goode and that a postseason transfer is likely. I hate that because he's got a great attitude and seems to really love it here. If he decides that playing time ultimately isn't that important for him, I'd be thrilled if he stayed because guys like that are invaluable to major college teams. 

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