Just the Norm, Back to Winning

Ive cooled off and thought

You know this loss was terrible, a team full of Freshman and Josh Harrellson beat our experienced squad.

A freshman PG destroyed out experienced backcourt, we had the right idea double teaming Jones holding him to not that much. But whats the point when JOSH HARRELLSON puts up a career high on us, on TJ, the much more athletic man. Embarrasing.

The whole thing with Siva, he got handled by Knight, and I know what your thinking; Knights an All American top 50 prospect comming out of High School, SO WAS SIVA. And that makes me loose confidence in him. You have all of these nice freshman running around running the game, and our McDonalds All American hasn't came into his own just yet.

Anyways, regardless of this loss we still have alot to look forward too.

Whens the last time we played good New Years Eve?? IDK

As I watched the game today, we have pretty good opponents to look forward to Villanova and Georgetown, look at UKs opponents who do they play??? NO ONE TALENTED.

But who expected us to get off to an 8-0 start, our best record in 5 years when we went to the Final Four, no one did, so we are doing something right. Drexel and UK were the few hiccups UL always has before confrence play, but we are entering confrence play 11-2 thats not bad at all.

But at least this game didn't make or break us. We at least can say UK will not win a championship, sure they played real well today but we can all agree that they were nowhere the team that they were last year, and if they can't beat a short handed Big East team to make it to the Final Four and win A National Championship with 5 NBA 1st Round picks, they will not do it this year.

So lets just rub some dirt on this, also lets hate the fact Samardo left us to go sit on the bench in Cleveland, when he could be the best PF in the nation right now like he was supposed to be comming out of High School as the number 2 player in the nation.

We will live, we will be the ones laughing last last year when we see UK fall to another Big East team thats more experienced than them,


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