Winning Formula!!!! BIG GAME EDITION!!!!!!!!(With projected open thread picture suggestion)




Attire- Lets not rock the boat, had success during the Beef Bowl, Grey Louisville Football Tee, jean shorts, and socks, Louisville backwards cap.

Electronic of choice- Same rules apply, most likley my ipod(Background  being Kevin Durant sizing up Kobe Bryant,) 

During game activity- Tweeting(@fly_austin).. with twittopic #Louisville to see what other people around the nation are thinking about this game.

Pregame ritual- Touching of the fist with my Louisville Basketball Banner

Pregame/during game food- Depends on what Mom is making, probably her worlds famous chickin taquitos, or a make your own sandwhich and Coke lunch.

Predicted  whole game quote- TAKE THAT WITH YOUUUUUU!!!!(if you saw Dirk on the commentating cast for the Mavs game the other day you will understand)


Reclining back in my chair in my Louisville/Viking mancave, with my father enjoying the Holidays with us until he leaves again for 3 months in January. Once again hes a UK fan, and he will be drinking PBR, I will be drinking soda or possibly water. My dad isn't an annoying fan, he cheers for every Kentucky team being hes from there, he likes to see the state succeed. But when he knows my hate for UK and my love for UL, he rides Kentucky hate on Louisville train. The only thing worse thaan a Kentucky fan in general is a Kentucky fan afer they win a game, the only thing worse than that is a DRUNK Kentucky fan after they win. But you got to love the man.

GOODS and BADS of the formula.


Good- Same attire from Beef Bowl

Bad- I added the hat, so might rock the boat.


Elecrtonic Device-

Good- Background is Kevin Durant and Kobe, since I had this as the Background, Preston, Peyton scored career highs, PLUS my Minnesota Vikes kicked some Eagles ass yesterday, JOE WEBB IS FUTURE.

Bad- Since I had this background, Doron Lamb scored a career high, and went boloistic from three-point land

Food- Could go either way



My room is upstairs-

Good- Its a superstition, wherever I sleep protains good or bad luck draw to my favorite teams.We have 3 rooms upstairs Master, second to largest room, and the smallest room. I was sleeping in the second to largest.

Second To Largest Room- (2001-2007)

Good- A few years ago when I resided upstairs(2ND LARGEST ROOM) Louisville Football won Orange Bowl(Louisville Football is rising) Also it was when we had Padgett, we happened to beat UK that year(2007-08 season)) and we went all the way to Elite 8 to loose to Carolina(because we are not allowed to breathe around Hansbrough, or we get ejected :/)  Plus the Vikings were doing god awful(Moss gets traded, Cullpepper is out of his prime, Tice is gone)

Bad- Petrino is gone

Smallest room-  Was forced to move there.(2008)

Good- Louisville Basketball gains media attention. Terrence Williams a running mate for POY. We do fantastic, beat PITT, Syracuse, ND, Villanova9Near heart attack game) Kentucky after Sosas 30 foot dagger. Vikings start to rise up after starting Frerotte and then starting Jackson(win division)

Bad- Loose heartbreaker, a game that got away with Sparty, and Vikings loose bad to Eagles first round) BUT THINGS ARE LOOKING BETTER, but wait Clark and TWill are gone.

I move downstairs in laundry room so both my brother and sister could have their own room, plus laundry room is quiet, and big.

Utility/Laundry Room (2009-10)

Good- Vikings do GREAT, Favre is playing like hes 26 years old, has the best season of his career, Win division for 2nd straight year, first round bye, smash the OVERRATED Cowboys. Louisville did ehh alright I guess, we beat Uconn of a great last second layup.

Bad- UKs rise back to national stage signing Cheatapari(which was LUCK, Calipari was in deep shit he would of went to coach club ball if offered, anything to get him away from NCAA investigators in Memphis) but oh well. We loose to UK, get cheated when Cousins should of been ejected. Favre throws that fatal 3rd and 15 pass... i promised myself I wouldnt cry.

Moves back upstairs-(2010-) Well the rest is history, Louisville doing great on ALL SPORTS, Vikings, ehhh same as they were last time I was upstairs.

Here is a good suggestion for open thread picture.(BTW we won the year this was taken 2007-08) Me and dad L_2f200f26ca55ec5502174a2adf3273b3_mediumHOUSE DIVIDED

 Thank you guys so much for reading, write what you may, tell me what you think, I will write back, LOVE YOU CC

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