Card Chronicle Bowl Pick'em Update: 12-28-2010

Some CC Bowl Pick'em stats for people who take this as seriously as it should be taken:

Only 130 people picked all the bowls, meaning four entries don't count. You know who you are. 

CHAMPS SPORTS BOWL: West Virginia - North Carolina State

Only 15 CCBP entrants correctly picked NC State to beat WVU, representing 12% of the 130 entries. For reference, 24% of all Yahoo! users picked the Wolfpack. Interesting.

INSIGHT BOWL: Missouri - Iowa

55 CCBP entrants correctly picked Iowa to beat Missouri, 42% of 130 entries. Only 33% of all Yahoo! users took Iowa.


There's about 20 of you at the bottom of the standings who either completely ignored the confidence points concept or were too lazy to alter them. This means several entrants have earned the exact minimum amount of points for their correct picks so far. It's very possible that one of you ranked in the 100s this week will end up vying for 1st place come January 10th. This is me judging you.


Disregarding confidence points, there are only two teams who have successfully picked 9 of the 11 played bowl games correctly, SCCards and Klizzler.


Your leaders as of Wednesday morning:

Rank Pick Set Correct Picks Points Possible Points
1 LTC Byerz1  dbrianbyers 6 of 11 145 562
1 hothot *  LLIH 8 of 11 145 580
3 tolle7456  Steven 5 of 11 137 528
3 I'm G  g.stern 8 of 11 137 573
5 MartinL  Mary 6 of 11 135 539
6 TTCF8086  Pete Campbell 5 of 11 134 583
7 Steve Kragthorpe  BrianW 6 of 11 132 555
8 Emoney  Eric 5 of 11 130 492
9 Green Chile Bowl  Jordan 7 of 11 127 566
10 da picks  rynowark8 7 of 11 126 594
11 herbs best  john.droste 7 of 11 124 602
12 George Goode  C.D. Bradley 7 of 11 121 562
13 BucknerBirdDog  Tim 6 of 11 120 536
14 cpkwc14  cpkwc 7 of 11 119 540
15 Dixter  chris.dickinson46 5 of 11 115 565
15 Bilal is my Pal  Cary 6 of 11 115 569
17 Choppa  Gavin LaPaille 5 of 11 113 552
17 LankySteve  lankysteve 5 of 11 113 510
19 beefmaster  Westley V 7 of 11 112 588
20 SCCards  Jason 9 of 11 111 607
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