Winning Formula!!!!!!!!!!

Here's my night, in a nutshell:

My father just came back from the Middle East protecting our country to celebrate the holidays with us for two weeks. Hes A UK fan but I love him, I digress, I sit down to watch the game:

Pre game- Tapped mini Louisville helmet, tap my long sleeved 2007 Orange Bowl Championship team player signature shirt(consiting of (Brian Brohm, Eric Wood, George Bussey)

Attire- Grey Louisville Football T-Shirt(cut out the sleeves) Blue jean shorts,

Pre,During game food- Moms Twice Baked Speghetti(during the game, thinking 'MY GOD BEEF O BRADYS LOOKS ORGASMIC'.

Electronical Device- I Pod Touch(Dwade Lebron Fan picture as background)

Most Repeated Quote- (Yelling)"CHICHESTER IS 6'9,,, THEIR TALLEST CORNER IS 6'2,,, LOB IT TO HIM" and "I thought Krag got fired" (during first 7 possesions.)

Top Sights of the Game- Strong getting the Gatorade shower

                                            -(4:00 left) Seing the Defensive Line coach getting our men PUMPED UP

                                            - Watching JP block the kick, from their I knew we werent going to loose that game.

                                            - LAST BUT NOT LEAST THE NEWLY (TM) "POWell Driver"

My Formula

Tweeting(@fly_austin) aggressivley using #Louisville(twittopic) almost after every possession to see what other fans around the world think about Louisville performance(some bashing) but midway through the second it seemed everyone wanted Louisville to win. Debating with my dad the National Championship game at halftime. Remeber i was beating my couch up seing POWell Driver "fumble" the ball, but somehow the play stood, knowing we got away with one. Watching Philpotts ugly kick nestle through the upright sqwinting one eye leaning back as he made it. Heart almost dropped last 7 seconds thank god he didnt pitch it.

Thought too myself- "Its going to be a good week, good couple years for the Louisville program, wowww I cant wait to take it on."

Its been a while since we went bowling, a bit rusty the first couple frames but comming down to the final tally, we nailed the 3 point spare and had ourselfs a good Louisville game!!!!!!!!


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