Starring... Peyton Siva????

Summer of 10'

Kentucky Fans- "Our coach is the best, our recruiting class is the best."

Me- "You guys have 5 freshman and Josh Harrelson"


Kentucky Fans- "Well whos running your team without Sosa"


Kentucky fan-"Well Siva can't run a team like our Blue Knight can, SEC is back baby, Big East??? their days are done"

Me-" We will see."



AFTER UKs First loss

Me- What happened bro

Kentucky Fan- "Oh dude its one game blah blah blah, awww who am I kiddin' we sucked balls out there, our inexperience kills us when were in clutch situations we get in foul trouble."

After UKs second loss

Me- "Looks like both Big East and ACC put a whoopin on the SEC so far"

Kentucky Fan" It can go both ways dude the last 6 minutes UNC shot free throws, we suck dude were not going to be anywhere as good as last year, and it sucks because Knight, Harrelson, Jones, Lamb are gone."

AFTER ULs Loss to Drexel

Kentucky Fan- "WHOOOOOOO LOUISVILLE SUCKS, lost to Dragons, WTF, hahah, Go Big Blue, we still rise to the top, You see how great we did against Indiana, this year Knight Jones are bringin the Title back to Lexington, next year it will be Knight, Jones, Lamb, Gilchrist, Teague are biringin it back agin"

Me- "Well at least we didn't loose to Gardner Webb"

Now mabey it's just me but Kentucky fans seem to just tell themselves what they want in order to help them sleep at night.

Lets start with earlier conversation;

"Siva can't run yawlls team," Myth- Do UK fans not realize that Siva was a Mcdonalds All American comming out of High School, look at him now, I wouldn't really say its "HIS TEAM" Yet because right now its PKs, but Siva is doing really good scoring and dishing assist this year, what better person to help send you off as a leader, what better person to help spread your wings than PK.

Next Topic;

I love how mad they get when they loose ONE game, the pressure is too much in Lexington, if you loose ONE game everyone hates you. Everyone hated Calipari after his first loss last year.

Next Topic;


Whos in the SEC thats ranked, whos in the SEC thats always predicted to go to the Final Four, NOONE,

At least two teams every year for the last 4 years have been predicted to goo to the Final Four(Pitt, Louisville, Villinova, Uconn) SEC(If they are lucky; Tennessee)

Next Topic;

As soon as we loose our first game, they are ready to punce on us and tell us how awful we are, then they take their place on their pedistol.

Last Topic;

Jones has been gone(Like last years  J Wall) Lamb GONE(like last years, Patterson) Kanter GONE(He hasn't played a game and somehow is predicted to be the2nd or 3rd person picked in the draft, so why would he stay) Knight(Like Bledsoe is getting drafted because of reputation)

Best Coach!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????

If I go out and get Bird, Jordan, Johnson, Irving, Barkley... HOW MUCH COACHING DO I REALLY NEED TO DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Like the post I knoww you do, those chills will go away in about 25 minutes, IM BACK BABYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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