Louisville USM Position Match-ups

 Just nine days until gameday! Let's get crackin'.

Austin Davis: 259-410 2898 Passing Yards, 18TD's 6 Picks, 28 Total TD's

Adam "Abe" Froman:132-218 1633 Passing yds. 11 TD Passing, 4 INT, 13 Total TD's

This matchup could actually be decent if Froman plays. Quarterback has been a revolving door this year. But... Froman doesn't seem close to this guy. UPDATE: If Burke plays like he did vs RU, this will be very even. But, he would have to have one heck of a performance to match that.


Running Back:

Kendrick Hardy: 127 carries, 855 yards, 7 TDs

Bilal Powell: 211 carries, 1330yards, 10 TDs

This is a very good matchup. Their running back, Hardy, seems like he is gonna be good one day (freshman). But, Bilal can do this:

ADVANTAGE: Louisville


Southern Miss

Bolden: 41 receptions, 667 yards, 6TDs

Morris 46 Receptions, 663 , 4

Pierce 34, 400, 3


Beaumont 34, 381, 1(1 Punt return)

Bellamy 27, 372, 5

Andrell, 21, 363, 3

Our recievers are somewhat subpar after these three. Combine this with eratic drops, and USM wins.

Advantage: Them

Tight Ends:


Hanks 2 Receptions, 20 Yards(LOL)


CamGraham 47, 439, 4 TD

Nord 4, 36

No contest here. Cam is a beast.

Advantage: Louisville


USM: They have four sophmores on the line, all who are very talented.

Louisville: As you know, these are all seniors outside of Benavides, and this line is great.

Advantage: Louisville


USM: They are stacked with juniors and seniors. They have been one of the most effective units in C-USA with 3 all-conference players.

Louisville: As you know, this group has vastly overperformed, lacking size and speed.

Advantage: Tie (slight USM lean)


USM: First and foremost, I wouold like to mention Martez Smith, Tim Green, and Deddrick Jones, who were paralyzed after a shooting about a month ago. Martez was the only veteran player in the linebacker corp. They gave up lots of yards to Lattimore back in October.

Louisville: Daniel Brown, Antwon Canody, and Dexter Heyman really have played well. They have played a crucial part in our great blitz and run defense.

Advantage: Louisville


USM: I'm sorry. I know nothing about these guys, but they apparently have no depth whatsoever.

Louisville: JP, Burns Island, the BEast rooke of the year, and a VERY good Shernard Holton as well. Very nice.

Advantage: Louisville

Special Teams


USM: Denny Hrappman has been very consistent, hitting 51 out of 51 PATs, and being 26 for 30 on field goals with a long of 54.

Louisville: Chris Philpott has done well kicking, but the punting has been extremely inconsistent. BUT Dougie and Vic/Wright have graduated from the Trent Guy school of kickoff and punt returns.

Advantage (kicking): USM

Advantage Return: Louisville


Go Cards.

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