Of Titans and Trashbags: A Look into Arizona's coaching search

I hate to make this an issue at such an exciting time in the season, but I have been steadily evolving into a hopeless, fervent slave to opposing teams message boards. This being said, I have discovered that the University of Arizona (fans) are resorting to unbelievable lapses in logic to swear that Rick Pitino is destined to become the next Wildcats head coach. This aggravates me on so many countless levels that I cannot begin to explain. So as a venting exercise to build the necessary anger and resentment toward this program by friday, I will include some of the more ridiculous quotes I've ran across, and leave your blood to boil at the stupidity and desperately fictional logic. Enjoy.

The majority of these are blog posts and the comments following from : a remarkably detestable fart in cyberspace.


"Anyhow, me thinks Coach Rick would love to someday retire in Arizona, most likely the Tucson area. And RP would love nothing more than to retire in the Old Pueblo and watch son Richard prowl the sidelines as the extra, extraordinaire successor to the successor extraordinaire, if you catch my drift?" - Idiot

"Jurich is somewhat younger than Livengood, and Gentleman Jim is nearing retirement, I gotta believe, so…" - This is suggesting that they would indeed come as a package deal.

"I’ve also heard the Sarver (owner of the PHX Suns) and Moreno (owner of the LA Angels) would help to pay any buyout and contract..." - Taint

"I’ve heard reports that 90% chance Pitino comes to arizona." -Cock Farmer

"Even more interesting is he rattled off the names of Jordan Hill and Chase Budinger as “lottery picks” immediately after he was told in the postgame press conference that his team is playing Arizona next." -I'm so done naming Idiots

"Now, I’m not saying that we should — in our zealous hunger to discover who the next UA coach might be –go seek a behaviorial scientist to get a read on Pitino’s “Who are we playing?” question, but it seems quite odd doesn’t it?"" - Semen Weasel.


I would Include more but they just anger me. My laptop is brissling from simply having to copy and paste that trash.

I hate arrogant fans.

Who'd have thought that some of the biggest jackasses don't wear UK blue?

If you really feel like killing a kitten venture on over and look at the site itself, they even have such fun things as coaches with odds listed on their probability to become the next coach. Pitino sits at 12-1 which is second only to Jamie Dixon at 10-1.

Arizona thinks that Rick Pitino is the second most likely man to be their coach.

Let's show them how good that 100 degree desert actually feels when we torch them on Friday.


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