Healing Powers of Father Rick's Church of Defense

Well, there's a lot of talk about U of L on this forum as well in other forms of communication and I've noticed many conversations, posts and other musings turn hostile quickly as one excitable fan rages on about overconfidence and another defends his stance on why U of L will dominate its upcoming opponent.

For some fans, it's just a game. For others like me, we make it more than that--it's an investment of our time, money and energy. It's like watching your own offspring, you want them to succeed and sometimes, admittedly a little too much. For the elite few, it defines you. You name your son after a great player, perhaps "John AlmostDunking Smith" if you will, and friends would describe you best by calling you a Louisville Cardinal fan.

When possible, I try to step back from the game and enjoy the little moments I'll remember 20 seasons from now, with the help of YouTube, I'm sure. Moments like T-Will one-arming a pass 80 feet to Clark for a gliding dunk, PK scrapping up a loose ball and nailing a 24 footer as time expires, a post-game Coach Pitino sanguinely smiling, sitting back, taking it all in as all the basketball literate pundits rush to put their spin on the latest upset scare.

Look, I'm just as nervous, anxiety-ridden, and cuss-happy during games as the next cardiac fan, which is why I feel it's important to have communities like Card Chronicle where we can all come together, for better or worse, and opine our hearts out.

I'm reminded of remarks made in the CC open thread during the semis of the BET vs. Villanova, I believe. I won’t mention handles, but one CC member, after seeing the momentum slipping yet again near the end of the first half, declared that the game was over and posted something to the effect of "Game Over…see you on [Selection] Sunday." Of course, Louisville went on yet another second half run and won the game but it's comments like this that make being a Louisville fan and more importantly, a regular Card Chronicle subscriber, so enjoyable.

Every Card fan is inherently different, but on this forum we are all one pulsing voice united for one purpose--we love our team. If your only fault is that you love U of L so much that you get wildly, irresponsibly upset when they're down 8 pts in the 1st half, amen, brother.

To each his own, I say. I love all you pieces of work and it's been an honor to join with you this season (and seasons past) amongst this electronic congregation of Cardinal Basketball fans. I know personally I've received far more than I've given and I owe Mike and everyone else here a hearty tennis clap.

Now, please turn to page seven in your hymnals, as Brother Jerry leads us in a towel-waving rendition of "Victory in Jesus" and mind the offering plates, as our deacons of Defense Preston, Andre, Earl & TJ circulate the aisles to collect your tithes of superstition.

If anyone would like to come forward and acknowledge T-Will as our savior this season, if he is calling for you, won't you come forward and talk to Friar Mike here at the altar of Cardinal basketball.

May all the faithful souls of Father Rick's Church of Defense go forth and prosper this March...Amen.

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