Louisville Cards That Needn't Be Played

Louisville Card #1:  The "Disrespect" Card

There is always a tendency as sports fans to want to paint your team as the underdog; the team that everybody doubts, but who prevails in spite of all the critical naysayers.  Here, that Louisville Card simply doesn't play.  The country has been, and continues giving, mad love to this Cardinals team.  For god's sake, we're the #1 overall seed. 

Further, in both ESPN and Yahoo fantasy tournament pick-em leagues, the number of brackets that have UL filled in as the winner is second only to UNC.  This is a large enough sample size to conclusively say that "the people" think that UL will make it to the final game...and may win it all.  Disrespect?  Not where I come from.

The pundits have not formed a consensus opinion on UL.  Some think that UL will cut down the nets, some don't.  But this isn't disrespect -- again, at least not where I come from.  This is the realization that (a) pundits need to have juicy things to say to get people to listen (if they say exactly what their colleague, or colleague's colleague is saying, why would anyone lend them an ear), and (b) this year's cards team -- while being very solid, peaking at the right time, and having a good chance, imho, to cut down the nets -- is certainly not the 1990 Runnin Rebels. Placing a bet on UL at the current vegas odds wouldn't be a bad bet, but it certainly wouldn't qualify as "free money" either.

Louisville Card #2: The "We Got Screwed" Card

We're better than this.  Every bracket has tough teams and no team is given a bye to the final four.  Many on this site have supported a "we got screwed" conclusion on the fact that we have to go to Dayton to play Ohio Sate in the second round.  Again, we're better than that.  Dayton Ohio is a 2hr 25min drive from Louisville.  The drive from columbus is 1hr 13 minutes.  Slight advantage?  Possibly.  Except for the fact that Ohio State is garbage and Louisville is good.  And if UL can't fill that place up with Cardinals fans, then the fan base is garbage.  And I've been on this site enough to kow that my last statement is most decidedly not true.


So, I say we, as fans, play some different Louisville Cards.  Here are a couple for starters: (1) The "we're awesome" card.  (2) The "our defense is better than the Pittsburgh Steelers" card.  (3) The "tell me how twill's junk tastes in your mouth when he dunks over and top of you and you get a face full of his sack" card. (4) The "your coach couldn't hold pitino's jockstrack" card, or (5) The "ADMM simply doesn't mess around in the big dance" card.

All are much better alternatives, at least in my humble opinion.  But this is certainly not an exhaustive list...that's what comments are for.

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