A Slightly More Formal Case Against Kragthorpe

Last night's debacle was the final straw for me. In doing my pre-game reading for the game, I discovered Louisville-Pitt was the lame game of the week. This is Louisville-Pitt, Big-East opener, Friday night, blackout! It doesn't get much better than that for UL. Of course we lost by 25 at home and it was in fact a lame game, probably the 2nd lamest of the season, though all have been lame to quite lame.

So, I decided to take some time this morning and take a closer look at the Koach's results. I think 28 games is more than sufficient for a college football coach to be judged against.

As with any review, let's start with the some of the highlights for beloved Koach:

- 2-0 against MTSU (though we gave up 250 yards rushing and allowed over 9 ypc in the game in '07)

- 3-0 collectively against Memphis, NC State, and Kansas State (Memphis went 6-7, NC State was 5-7, and KSU finished 5-7)

- No egregious losses to any FCS teams

- A close, well-fought battle against UK this year

- A huge win against #16 USF that had me irrationally dreaming of a BE title last season

- Strong support from the AD

And now for the lowlights...

- 9-16 overall record against FBS teams (12-16 overall)

- 25% of wins have come against the FCS

- Has lost 8 straight games against FBS opponents (yes, we're getting worse and not better under Koach; if that's even possible)

- Victim of the biggest upset in college football history (at the time, I think Stanford over USC may have topped the 37 point spread) -- basically Kragthorpe lost to one of the worst teams in football with a Petrino team that would have won the game by about 40 points

- 0-3 against Kentucky; 0-2 against UConn; 0-2 against WVU; 0-2 against Syracuse; 0-2 against Utah. That was exhausting, as was watching each and every one of those 11 losses

- Scoring 15 points per game less than his predecessor while at the same time giving up 10 more points per game

- Home games: 6-7 under Koach; 22-1 under Petrino (Hmmm... This might explain PJCS has been less fun the last couple of years and why expanding the stadium probably isn't a great idea right now)

- 4-11 in the BE

- Ruining Brohm's senior year

- No bowl appearances. I guess not everybody can make a bowl game. There's only 34.

- Press conferences

- Sideline appearance

- Tone of voice

- Relationship with the players

- Injuries, suspensions

- Recruiting

- Play-calling

- Attitude

- Fan support



That about sums it up for me. Did I miss anything?

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