Miscellaneous Thoughts

-- I've already heard about this about 10x, but it's only going to get worse over the next several weeks.  I'm talking about announcers referring to the fact that the Top 4 seeds in this year's Big East tournament get a huge advantage with a "Double Bye."  In fact, there has been no change with the Top 4 seeds as they have historically gotten a bye into the quarterfinals.  Further, the new bracket setup actually benefits 3 of the 4 seed groups, but is hugely negative for 1 of the 4 groups.

1.  Seeds 1-4:  Slight benefit with new bracket setup as they potentially could be playing a more tired team that has played two consecutive games.

2.  Seeds 5-8:  Big benefit with new bracket setup as their opponent will have just played a game the previous day.

3.  Seeds 9-12:  HUGELY negatively affected by new bracket setup as they are the ones that have to play an extra game.

4.  Seeds 13-16:  HUGE benefit with new bracket setup as they now have a chance to win.

-- Among all of his other skills, I think T-Will's most underrated one is also his best:  strong hands.  I mean, honestly, is there any doubt that if there is a ball near T-Will that he will be the one ending up with it?  I bet that skill alone gets him two extra rebounds and an extra steal per game just collecting loose balls.  Besides T-Will, UofL's other hands-guys are (in order) Preston, Jerry and Earl.

-- Interesting that the ex-CUSA teams are bookending the standings with Marquette and UofL at the top and Depaul at the bottom (yes, Depaul is worse than Rutgers but more on that later).

-- While I recognize that Marquette's conference schedule is back loaded, I don't want to hear about how Marquette's opponents are like 13-18 in conference play.  Hello -- one of the reasons for that is because they are 0-6 vs. Marquette.  This reminds me of the argument which happens every year in fantasy football when one guy observes that the #1 team has the weakest schedule and the least points scored against.  Hello (again) -- that's because the #1 team hasn't had to face itself and had a bunch of points scored against it.

-- The Big East should really try to figure out a way to swap out Depaul for Miami.  I'd be curious to see if, upon reflection, Miami thinks their move to the ACC was a good one.  I mean, their football team has basically atrophied into one that plays the Nevada Wolfpack in Boise and their hoops team is simply destined to a middle-to-bottom-half-of-the-pack existence in the ACC.  By switching to the Big East, Miami could (i) have a real shot at winning the conference year-in and year-out, (ii) gain access to the major TV markets that the Big East offers and (iii) allow the conference to have nine football schools and a clean eight conference games.  I mean, seriously, is Miami / NC State or Miami / Maryland more compelling than great previous rivalries like Miami / Syracuse or Miami / WVU?

Depaul does not belong in the Big East.  The school was granted admission because people looked at the Chicago market like it was "infinity."  I attended the Depaul / UC game last week and it was embarrassing.  Not only is the team bad, but the ENTIRE upper level was completely empty as were the endzones (save the tiny student section).  I would honestly bet that the in-person attendance was 1,200 or so, although the announced attendance was in the 4,000s.  Depaul needs to be in the A-10.  Period.  Full stop.

-- Can someone please tell me how Memphis lands top recruits?  I saw them play vs. Tennessee on CBS, but now that’s it.  Now they fade into oblivion for the rest of the year as their schedule consists of bus trips to Hattiesburg and Tulsa.  If you’re Tyreke Evans, why would you go there instead of Big East or ACC?  I’m confused.

-- If anybody has any extra @ND or @UC tickets, please let me know.

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