Pitino updates team progress 1/20/09

Team Update: 1/20/09

It has been an interesting couple of weeks to say the least. Really enjoying watching our team compete at the defensive end. Earl Clark and Edgar Sosa have improved their effort in practice and games. Our players understand what intense defense means toward winning.


For example, vs PITT we lose the three point battle 21-3, shoot 29% and we are down two points at the half. We are winning and still have tremendous growth potential down the road. The BIG EAST will play musical chairs with the rankings.


I have been here eight years now. The support has always been unbelievable but this year the support is going through the roof. Every game is special. Seeing our fans react like this fills us up with great pride.


Rutgers is a dangerous opponent. Great shot blocking team with outstanding talent. With four minutes to go at home they led PITT by five. We understand what we are up against. The BIG EAST brings a different challenge each game.  I love the job our staff is doing. Young, energetic, and dedicated to every detail.


Steve Masiello will move on to a head coaching position this year. His time has come to lead his own team. He will be a super head coach.


Recruiting continues to go extremely well. Every recruit that visits Freedom Hall wants to be part of this special happening. Our fans make the difference, thank you.


Here is the breakdown of play with our roster:


T- Will- Playing like an All-American


Will Scott- In waiting to make the big shot.


Andre McGee- The unsung hero.  


Edgar Sosa- Getting better on and off the court.


Jerry Smith- Foul prone but steady and dependable.


Preston Knowles- Part of microwave backcourt. Heats everyone up.


Earl Clark- Really picking up his intensity  The difference maker.


Samardo Samuels- Continues to improve. Has a long way to go but making steady progress.


Terrence Jennings- Improves each practice. As his passion for the game grows, so will his development.


Kyle Kuric- Going to be a solid contributor down the road.


Jared Swopshire- lacks only strength. Like Kyle has a great future.


Reggie Delk- Has the misfortune of playing behind T-Will. His time will come.


Really pleased with everyone. Their attitude for winning has grown substantially. Its early and there are fourteen league games left but we are making steady progress.  

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