2008-2009 Louisville basketball schedule released

Plan your winter accordingly:

Nov. 1 - vs. Georgetown (exhibition)
Nov. 8 - AT Northern Kentucky (exhibition)
Nov. 22 - vs. Morehead State (Billy Minardi Classic)
Nov. 23 - vs. South Alabama/Florida A&M (Billy Minardi Classic)
Nov. 30 - vs. Western Kentucky (Nashville)

Dec. 6 - vs. Indiana State (Marques Maybin Classic)
Dec. 7 - vs. Ohio (Marques Maybin Classic)
Dec. 8 - vs. Lamar (Marques Maybin Classic)
Dec. 13 - vs. Austin Peay
Dec. 18 - vs. Mississippi (SEC/Big East Invitational in Cincinnati)
Dec. 20 - vs. Minnesota (2008 Stadium Shootout in Phoenix)
Dec. 27 - vs. UAB
Dec. 31 - vs. UNLV

Jan. 4 - vs. Kentucky
Jan. 7 - AT South Florida
Jan. 10 - AT Villanova
Jan. 12 - vs. Notre Dame
Jan. 17 - vs. Pittsburgh
Jan. 21 - AT Rutgers
Jan. 25 - AT Syracuse
Jan. 28 - vs. South Florida
Jan. 31 - vs. West Virginia

Feb. 2 - vs. Connecticut
Feb. 8 - AT St. John's
Feb. 12 - AT Notre Dame
Feb. 15 - vs. Depaul
Feb. 18 - vs. Providence
Feb. 21 - AT Cincinnati
Feb. 23 - AT Georgetown

March 1 - vs. Marquette
March 4 - vs. Seton Hall
March 7 - AT West Virginia
March 10-14 - Big East Tournament


--The schedule includes 12 games against teams that made the NCAA Tournament last season, and 20 games against teams that made national postseason tournaments in 2007-2008. 

--Freedom Hall will be the site for the first annual Marques Maybin Classic, an event named for U of L's No. 12 all-time scorer who was paralyzed from the waist down in a motorcycle accident on Aug. 5, 2003. He is currently enrolled at U of L to complete his degree requirements. A portion of the proceeds from the event will be earmarked for the Marques Maybin Medical Fund.

--One day of rest and a flight from Cincinnati to Phoenix makes that Minnesota game look awfully dangerous.

--It looks like there's a pair of particularly rough league stretches to watch out for. The first is the Villanova/Pittsburgh/Notre Dame trio in early-to-mid January, and the second is the Georgetown/Marquette/Seton Hall/Wst Virginia sequence to end the season.

--UNLV at 6 p.m. on New Year's Eve should be a nice party complement. Prepare for me to not hear a word you're saying, disinterested females.

--You can't show me this during the first week of September and not expect me to be frustrated.

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