So what's your thoughts of the Kansas St. game?

Well without our fearless leader (Mike) able to log on to give us his review, I'm interested to hear how the rest of you feel about tonights game?

I guess I will start.  I feel much better about this season.  This was far from a perfect performance but I saw some very BRIGHT spots that could be our future.  The way our offense clicked tonight compared to the UK game seemed night and day.  Hunter seemed much more relaxed in the pocket and had more touch on the ball (as compared to throwing it as hard as possible on every throw).

Running Backs:

  Do I really even need to go over this?  I love Bolen's want to run over people.  I saw multiple times when he was running down the sidelines and instead of stepping out to end the play, he would lower his shoulder and run the DB over for a few extra yards.  I don't think I need to say much about Vic.  He is a star in the making.  His 2nd effort on every play makes me giggle like a school girl.  Much like Morano at Georgia, Anderson fights and scraps and moves piles of linemen to get every extra inch of yardage.


Looked much better tonight.  Chichester missed some easy catches but we all knew that he was still becoming more coordinated.  If he continues to improve at his current rate he will be a major factor in our arsenal.  Doug B. also had an exceptional game.  He reminds me of a Douglas how just slithers his way between coverages to get open.  Hunter looked good most of the night.  Much more comfortable and had more touch on his passes.

Offensive line:

Created great holes to run through.  Big thumbs up to the guys who stepped it up to replace our injured starters.  Great job.


90% of the game we looked dangerous.  I truly believe now that English has changed this defense 360 degrees.  Towards the end of the game it got sloppy and a few plays inbetween.  We just need to keep getting better.  I'd like to see some more sacks/knock downs of the QB but that will come.  LB's look very good for being so inexperienced. They bite on a few plays that left either a reciever or TE open, but overall it was a good night.

Kicking game:

I don't even want to talk about this.  I hate to rag on one of our players, but missing a PAT?  Come on man.  Your playing for a BCS team, there is no excuse for this.



There is a chance I think.  I'm not going to be putting any money down on it, but I think we saw a glimpse of what our team can be.  Just keep building guys and who knows that can happen, the college football season has already been pretty crazy.



Still piss poor.  Way to many people leaving at the end of the 3rd quarter.  If you didn't come to watch 4 quarters of football, keep your ass at home.


So after our first real test (In my opinion), I'd like to hear what the others on here though about tonight's game?  Still feel the same as you did leaving the Kentucky game?  Bowl chances this year?  How our team will end up in the Big East?  Let's hear it.


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