Now don't everybody wig out!

OK, take it easy.  Come off that ledge.  This is not the end of the world. 

I know you've had a bad day, we all did.  What we witnessed today was a passing, a passing of passing, if you will.  Nobody died, it was just our passing game that passed, or was it?

What we witnessed today was probably the worst display of quarterbacking in Papa John's Cardinal Stadium History.  Our past decade has been filled with exhibitions of the art of quarterbacking by a procession of NFLqb's almost unmatched in the college football landscape.  From Chris Redman to Dave Ragone to Stefan Lefors to Brian Bhrom we were blessed to have the chance of seeing how the position should be played, and what we saw today was not how the quarterback position should be played, we all know that. 

Hey Hunter, just so you know, throwing lightning bolts makes you Zeus, not a quarterback!

But Hunter's bad day doesn't mean he's the end of an era.  The backfield and receiving corp today that Hunter had to work with was probably the thinnest ever.  Can anyone remember a weaker and less experienced group than the group of rookies we had playing today.  Along with Hunter starting his first game as a starting quarterback, we had 2 new tailbacks, 1 new fullback, 3 new recievers, and 2 new tight ends.  When was the last time we went into a game, let alone a season, with no clear returning starter at any skill position on offense?  Cause I sure as hell can't remember. 

But we've got to forget about the past because as bad as everything was today, there were some bright spots for the future, and that's why we can't all go wiggin' out over this loss. 

Doug Beaumont and Josh Chichester showed us something today...heart.  Even Victor Anderson a little bit as too.  Some of you may disagree, but the play calling was actually very solid by Jeff Brohm today.  If you watch a replay of the game with slo-mo you'll see that lots, if not most all, of the major mistakes were due to bad execution and not bad schemes.  I'm not saying he called a perfect game today, but the playcalling put our guys in position to make plays, it's just that no one did.

This group can get better, lots better.  It may not be soon but these guys can get there, it'll just take some time.  The defense will hold their own as long as English is in charge.   What we saw today by-no-means minimizes the potential of individual players or this team as a whole. What it may have shown us though that it could be anywhere from a few games to an entire season before this squad gels.  For Hunter's sake he'd better do his best to make it happen sooner rather than later or Kragthorpe might have to experiment with a younger option at his position.

Hang tough Card Nation, don't go wiggin' out...

...because after watching Bilal jog around like he did today, we all know that Mike has been wiggin' out enough for the rest of us.

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