Friday depth chartin': special teams

Courtesy of this morning's C-J. Newspapers on the Internet are the best idea since not using the chalk stick to eat fun dip.



Player Ht. Wt. Yr. Exp.
Cory Goettsche 6-1 219 Jr. 2L
Jon Payne 5-10 179 So. 1L


Tim Dougherty 5-10 169 So. Tr.
Chris Philpott 6-0 180 Fr. HS
Ryan Payne 6-1 190 Fr. RS

Long snapper

Dane Mattingly 6-0 200 Sr. 3L
Daniel Weedman 5-11 185 So. 1L

Kickoff returner

Victor Anderson 5-9 182 Fr. RS
Bilal Powell 6-0 208 So. 1L
Doug Beaumont 5-9 176 So. 1L
Johnny Patrick 6-0 184 So. 1L

Punt returner

Doug Beaumont 5-9 176 So. 1L
Karldell Dunning 6-0 175 Fr. HS
Andrew Robinson 5-9 191 Jr. 2L
Chaz Thompson 6-1 199 Jr. Tr.


Bill Ashburn 6-2 215 Jr. 2L
Cory Goettsche 6-1 219 Jr. 2L


--Purdue transfer Tim Dougherty currently holds the starter's tag (although Mark Nelson was quoted this morning as saying that a No. 1 kicker has not been selected) despite having surgery on his back in June. This is probably a good sign for us, as my understanding is that he possesses the most potential out of the three eligible candidates.

--Interesting to see Bilal Powell and Victor Anderson listed as the two deep men on kickoff returns. I figured we'd see Vic and Doug Beaumont, but Powell definitely proved last year that he can make some things happen, and looking to capitalize on every possible advantage you might have is probably the right move with this year's team.

We'll see how Trent Guy's return shakes this list up.

--Even more interesting to see true freshman Karldell Dunning listed as the backup on punt returns. He was a relatively unheralded recruit who signed very late, but apparently he's been making some noise over the last few weeks.

The thought of Doug Beaumont returning punts gets me the football equivalent of sexually aroused...and sexually aroused.

--I was just thinking about it, and can you ever recall Harry Douglas botching a decent snap at any point over the last three years?

You might have to wear 25 pairs of socks to fit into those shoes, Bill Ashburn.

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