Concerning Incessant sniveling

Alright boys and girls, I’m hearing a lot of whining, complaining, crying and belly aching out there about the 2008 U of L defense. I understand there are some concerns. But what I cannot abide is the sniveling. Sniveling is defined as “whining with sobbing”.  


Such sniveling is coming from sports writers, bloggers, fans AND coaches. I propose a ban on sniveling from this day forward.


Furthermore, I am so absolutely sick of hearing about how bad our defense is going to be that I could rip the eyebrows off the front of my head and shove them in my ears. Get the picture?


Get this. It is quite possible that we are on the verge of having one of the nastiest front fours we’ve EVER had at U of L and no one is even talking about it.  How dare they not! 


Heyman at one DE, Scott, Walker, Grady, Henderson and McKinney rotating through at the Tackles with Mitchell and Burns fighting for the other DE spot.  Brutal.


What’s more I will tolerate no more bawling about the defensive backfield. There’s plenty of talent and experience back there. Latarrius Thomas, Bobby Buchanan, Woodny Turenne, Chaz Thompson, Travis Norton, Johnny Patrick, Sergio Spencer. You know the names. They can all play on any team in the Big East. It is yet to be seen whether Ron E can teach what he knows or if he’s only good when he’s surrounded with 11 All Americans. But he’s smart. My guess is that he won’t disappoint.


So what it really gets down to is this: We are three…coun’t ‘em, THREE players away from stopping everyone on our schedule. Did you get that? I said three… not eighty five.(as in, “we don’t have any good football players, boo hoo, so I’m going to find my binky and go suck my thumb.”)  Not eleven linebackers. THREE.


And yes, we currently have 10 linebackers enrolled in school at the University of Louisville. Of those ten listed on the 2008 roster, we simply have to indentify those three gentlemen. (for those of you hard of spelling it’s JUCO).


I do know that THREE of the ten were “hurt” and unable to play in the Spring scrimmage. Another Boo Hoo. I do know that all three were giggling on the defensive team sidelines. Unfortunately, I was unable to identify them by name. I don’t know if a certain smart defensive coach was hiding them so that our “opening game opponent” might not have a chance to see them in action or not. I only know what I saw. I report, you decide.

Carry on.

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