There's a new (U of L football) day coming!

The following is a response to comments made by a blogger known as Frankpos concerning a certain football coach often reffered to as "Coach K" 

There's a great day ahead, Frank.....

Frank, Somehow I get the impression that you have once again turned down the still vacant presidency of the Coach K Fan Club, Well, this is the fourth and final time that I’ll nominate you.

But looky here…according to the points you made, one could rightfully asssume that you’re at least hinting that K may possibly be a sneak, a liar, an incompetent, a pansy, a poet, a pirate, a pawn and a king….he’s been up, down, over and out, but I know one thing. (Oooops, forgive me. I got stuck out there in Sinatraville…..won’t happen again.)

In any event, just because a coach wouldn’t know a good offensive coordinator (unless Tom Jurich reminded him that Alamaba has come after him TWICE) or a Defensive Coordinator (unless TJ told him that MIchigan had a dandy one available) if one ran over him with a blocking sled … and just because a coach stands on the sideline looking comatose, clueless, confused and stunned like he just got hit in the back of the head with camel spit…that doesn’t mean that you should want to take him out in the middle of nowhere and leave him with nothing but his play charts tucked in his pants. Shame on you!

C’mon, Frank…so what if the guy is a little wimpy, so what if he kicked 31 players, 16 band members, 2 cheerleaders, a student manager, a janitor, 2 chaplains and the guy who operated the whirlpool off the team? (actually the whirlpool guy may be coming back to play free safety) You don't know, maybe all their deodorant expired at the same time.

Just because a coach FINALLY gets out of Conference USA (also known as the “Junior College” league for experimental coaching) and just because that same coach entertains an offer from the absolute BOTTOM DOG of that conference as a place to run away and hide from big time college football, is that any reason to regard him as a wimp?

After all, I thought it was the way he talks that was bothering you. Okay, so he sounds like he’s never actually witnessed a football game in person or on TV. And who cares if he thinks a jock strap is something a short man who rides horses hangs onto when he’s on a bus. This stuff is not important, Frank! You need to begin ingnoring some things…like the fact that the coach has tendencies that make us wonder if someone has yet told him that tackling the archrival’s ball carrier BEFORE he actually runs into the end zone will go a long way toward fan approval and contract renewal.

Look…You say you don’t like a coach whose general sideline expression reminds us of exactly how hard a mule could actually kick a man in the head? You say you don’t like a coach whose idea of a genius sideline call is a fourth and forty punt? You say you don’t like your team getting the snot kicked out of them at home by the worst team in the league only to hear that your coach'e response was, “we really got the snot kicked out of us by the worst team in the league.” ?  Now, is that what’s troubling you, Bunky???

Well wake up and smell the Grande Latte Caramel Decaf, Bunky! It’s a new day! The sun is shinning! The flowers are blooming! The birds are singing! There’s a super glorious day up ahead. Good news!  just got off an internet blog site and GUESS WHAT I HEARD?

Ron Cooper is available!

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