What you don't like about Coach K

Can we cut to the chase here? What you guys really don't like about Coach K....what really sets your teeth on edge....what really gets your Jockey boxers all twisted up in a his demeanor ....and the WAY HE TALKS!

Yeah, some of you don't like the goatee...and I'm fully aware that he committed the unpardonable sin of letting yUK beat us. (Tuberville beat  'Bama like a drum and still they were going to get rid of him to get Petrino, remember??)

But what really ticks you guys off is that K doesn't talk like a tough guy. He sounds more like an accountant or a or a science professor or  Mr. Rodgers....but not at all like a football coach, right?


University of Georgia's Mark Richt, Florida's Urban Meyer, the aforementioned Tommy Tuberville of Auburn.....three coaches from the bad-to-the-bone Southeastern Conference who don't exactly sound like tough guy football coaches. The first time I heard Urban Meyer talk I thought the audio track was dubbed in. Ever heard Pete Carroll talk? Doesn't exactly sound like a Mafia hit man. Let's see, how many National Championships games has he been in? and won?

Now let's get down and dirty. Have any of you ever heard (please don't tell my OSU friends I said this) Woody Hayes? if you were one of the kids he went to school with who teased him for talking with a lisp you'd have the scars to prove he beat the crap out of you.  Woody sounded like a wimp on his coach's show.

As a kid, I once sneaked into one of his smoldering August practices and saw a 6'7" Jim Tyrer, who played many years for the Kansas City Chiefs, literally trembling in his shoes during a Woody Hayes butt chewing.   

In the old days NASCAR drivers talked like illiterate hillbillies. Today they talk like Wall Street brokers. Today's new football coaches are simply a different breed, too. And they are winning with a completely different kind of athlete.

Over the years at U of L we've had some "crusty" football coaches...Howard,  John L, Bobby P...all very good football minds. But Coach K has a style that is very much in line with the new breed of college as well as NFL coaches. Tony Dungy comes to mind. 

Indianapolis Colts fans have already forgotten that they used to rip their hair out in huge clumps because Dungy wouldn't go ballistic when the Colts did stupid things week after week. That Super Bowl win 2 years ago changed all that.

So hang on. We all may hav to eat a lot of crow when Coach K succeeds.    


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