Random Thoughts

Now that Kansas is still alive and has no CBS ordained marquis player, they will no doubt spend the next 36 hours creating one.

Meantime, Mr. Corporate, Jim Nantz (as mentioned before, he is strait down Main Street, a vanilla milkshake, moribund, and in the twenty years of doing the tournament, has not said one interesting thing) waits for the puppeteers to comprise a signature phrase just in case the Jayhawks win.  It will probably be a tired play on words about the coach's last name.  Something to do with "Selfless."

With eight minutes left in the first half, I believe that Billy Packer declared the game to be over.  As this is not our first rodeo, those, like me who were rooting for Kansas were aghast at this bravado.  Everyone in the free world, except perhaps Billy, knew that North Carolina had a least one or two decent runs in them.

I got more and more grumpy as the lead went to fourteen, to eleven, to eight, and finally to four.
That is the point were I poured myself another four fingers of Grants (a good, inexpensive Scotch by the makers of Glen Fidich...look for it in the three sided bottle).

When it was all over, Kansas up by twelve again, Nantz asked Billy if his first half prediction that the game was ever in doubt.  Packer responded that no, he knew it was over way back then.
This was either a lie or Packer is insane.  Later in the conversation, Nantz mentioned that he "loved" Billy.  Or at least that's what I think I heard.

The ESPN panel had Reece Davis, Digger, Dickie V, His Holiness Bobby Knight, and Jay Bilas.
These panels are getting so long, that last two people can't even fit in the shot.  I'm surprised it didn't include Tim Russert, former Secretary of State Madelein Albright, and MSNBC Left Wing Extraordinaire Keith "The Magnificent Asshole" Olbermann.  I don't know where Huber Davis was...maybe licking his NC wounds, or maybe he just wasn't invited (can anybody say d i s c r i m i n a t i o n?).  I bet Bilas was pleased as punch now that Carolina can't win another National Championship.

OK, the girls play today.  I'll take either UT or LSU (I love that coach) and am against UCONN (the Duke of women's hoops).

I think it will be beautiful here today.  Enjoy your Sunday.

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