What Brian says about all this....

What really tears my guts out, as both a U of L and Trinity grad, is what this loss and weird start all means to Brian Brohm.

He made a huge statement and commitment by coming back this yr and has done everything asked of him this season.  He'd be even more perfect if about 7 or so of his passes hadn't been dropped so far.

Yesterday, Russ Brown of noted the obvious impact on the Heismann race, and had come interesting quotes from Brian.  Here's part of that article...

Brohm's Heisman hopes suffers blow
By Russ Brown

....Brohm entered the season as one of the leading Heisman hopefuls, making everybody's list of legitimate candidates, but currently it's hard to find anyone who's talking about the senior, even though statistically he's still one of the top quarterbacks in the nation....

...After the Cards' loss at UK, Brohm was dropped from the list of Heisman leaders by two of the most respected media polls -- the New York Times and"It's a long season," he said. "I think to be in that race you do have to be on a very good team, and I still think we do have the ability to be a very good team. There have been a lot of guys who won it who were just on a BCS bowl team and not the national championship team. There is still opportunity there, but I'm not really sure where everyone really sits in that race. It's too early in the season to talk about that now."

Instead, Brohm is focused on helping Louisville get back on track when it opens defense of its 2006 Big East championship Saturday at noon against Syracuse (0-3) in Papa John's Cardinal Stadium. He said he doesn't see any indication that the Cards will have a hangover from their first loss in five years to UK and their subsequent elimination from the national championship race.

"Practice has been up tempo," Brohm said. "It seemed like everybody was ready to get back out there and work again, and that's a positive sign. We're not going to hang our heads. We had a lot of energy, and guys realized we need to pick it up and practice as hard as we can.

"You try to remember that feeling (of losing). You watch the film, see what you can do better, then go out and do it. You don't get down on yourself, don't get all depressed and think the world is going to end. You've got to pick yourself up and keep your head up. You can't get your heads down from losing one game. If you do, then you're going to have a long season."

Brohm denied that the Cards weren't intense enough against UK, one of the accusations made by disgusted UofL fans on internet message boards and radio call-in shows this week.

"I don't believe that at all," he said. "We were all out there fighting trying to win that game. I think that's one thing we can't be disappointed about. We gave great effort. We had some mental mistakes and missed opportunities, but I don't think you can fault anyone's effort in that game."

And Brohm said he can't find fault with first-year coach Steve Kragthorpe's approach, which is considerably more laid-back than his fiery predeccesor, Bobby Petrino.

"It's a different type of coaching," Brohm said. "He'll let you know when you've made a mistake; he'll definitely tell you about it. But he's not one who's going to go on and on about it and keep getting in your face. He's going to tell you to fix it, then he's going to try to pick you back up and make sure you don't get your head down.

"Obviously, there are different styles of coaching and different ways of doing things, but that's the way coach (Kragthorpe) is going to do it and I think that should be able to work for us."

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