Saturday Practice Report

I posted this on ITV, but here's the copy/paste.

The theme of today's practice was ZOMG WOODNY IS AWESOME. Here's a recap of his top 4 plays from practice:

  1. Ran step for step with Trent Guy -- after jamming him at the line. This was during 2-on-2 drills so the QB threw underneath.
  2. Ran step for step with JuJaun Spillman -- after jamming him at the line. Then he knocked down the pass on a bomb -- Spillman came back over complaining that Brohm had underthrown it but Woodny was with him the whole way so even if the pass was perfect not sure what would have happened.
  3. Picked off a quick slant in the 7-on-7s -- Hunter to Guy, Woodny flew in (he was not pressing at the line) and picked it off. No other DB got close on that play (they ran it multiple times)
  4. Scott Long has had the best camp of the non-Harry WRs. So the crowd buzzed as Woodny lined up against him in 2-on-2, with Cantwell throwing. It looked like Stubbs pointed out to Cantwell how close Woodny was to Long, and they called for a bomb. He jammed him at the line and Long took off...Woodny turned and sprinted with him as Hunter let it go -- and Woodny was all over it, lunging at the last moment to knock it away. The crowd cheered wildly.
Wow. Just wow. He is so good. He is strong, has good technique, and is blazing fast.  I hope they let him play that close to the other teams WRs because he is good enough to do it and that will make our overall D that much better.

Some other notes:

Mario looked good today, except for 1 drop in the full scrimmage. In the 1-on-1 drills on sucessive plays he manhandled Jon Russell and Latarius Thomas, literally throwing each of them to the ground. Not sure if that's offensive pass interference but it was pretty impressive.

Two guys who did not have good practices: Russell and Buchanon. Bobby got beat twice in a row on double moves in the 7-on-7s by Mario and then Long, but knocked down the 3rd one a little bit later. Good recovery, but overall was beaten pretty badly today. Hopefully he uses the next month to get back into shape.

For those who miss the Petrino yelling, you will love the RBs coach. He threw a couple GD bombs and threatend to fight sergio spencer (and win!) for not protecting the ball. Every play he's out there yelling at and getting on the RBs -- he also gives them props when they do good. Just an old school football coach.

Spillman looked good. Ran good routes and caught the ball. He's clearly a KRAG favorite and will see alot of touches this year (kickoffs, punts, jet sweeps, and WR routes).

CJ Peake had a pick -- I think Wolfe threw one that just hung up there and Peake came over and made an easy catch. He and Heath both look physically ready.

I have difficulty judging the line play because I just don't know enough about it, but it looked like Breno was handling Peanut. Again, very limited sample and who knows because there's no tackling.

Similarly, no real sense of the LBs because of the no-tackling thing. WWII is still running with the 2's, but I can't imagine him not starting. I think Preston, WWII, and Butler will all see the field a good amount.

That's about all I can remember. Overall, can't wait for the season to start. These were a great three days, it was good meeting everyone out there and I'll see everyone Thursday August 30th!

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