'Cisco Garcia in the WSJ

Garcia was mentioned in a Wall Street Journal column yesterday (it also talks about Bob Huggy-Bear).

Here's the Cisco section:

Ron Artest of the Sacramento Kings was arrested Monday after a woman called 911 from his home saying she'd been assaulted. And it turns out deputies have responded to five 911 calls from Mr. Artest's house since last August, including two domestic disturbances between the player and his wife. Oh, and last month animal-control officers took Mr. Artest's Great Dane because it wasn't being fed.

Sadly, such trouble doesn't make for a remarkable story in today's sports world. What is remarkable, says Scott Ostler of the San Francisco Chronicle, is the Kings' reaction.

"The Kings blew a golden opportunity to tap-dance and obfuscate," he writes. "They removed Artest from the team picture. ... The team did not announce its support for Artest, nor did any spokespeople say they would wait for the legal and judicial process to take its course before considering any action. They sat Artest's arse on the bench and threw the bench out of the arena. No weaseling, waffling or wimping. You can read the details in next month's Journal of the American Medical Association -- 'Spine Discovered in Sports Organization/Scientists believe it supports a moral structure.' "

Mr. Artest's exit has meant a larger role for sophomore Francisco Garcia, and Ailene Voisin of the Sacramento Bee writes that Mr. Garcia has stepped up, shedding many of the bad habits that hampered him as a rookie and earlier this season.

"After an impressive early stretch, García assumed the role of the interested observer, his teammates plodding and stagnating and struggling without him," Ms. Voisin recalls. "But this is where Cisco has changed, grew up while hardly anyone was watching. Though still the first King with a quip or to pull a prank, he has become a serious, diligent student of the game. He has scrapped the tendency to launch a three the first time he touches the ball. He has tempered his demeanor, resisting the temptation to grab the pointer and, like an overbearing schoolteacher, acting as if he has all of the answers. That look of disgust when someone fails to spot him in the corner? The one that exposes his inner thoughts to virtually everyone inside Arco? Gone. The histrionics that so annoyed his teammates? Gone, too."

One thing is certain.  If the Cisco nickname sticks, that can't be bad for Garcia's career.

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