Top Offensive Performers in the Big East

For those who haven't been following or have simply refused to read (mom), every week this season I have ranked the top ten individual performances in the Big East. For the sole purpose of humoring myself, I have used these rankings to chronicle (TM) who the top individual performers in the conference have been this season. The scoring system is pretty basic, a tenth place finish earns a player one point, a ninth place finish two points, and so on and so on.

The regular season has now come to a close, and a total of 36 offensive players have been honored.

For the final rankings I used two tiebreakers, the first being total number of appearances on the list, and the second being player of the week awards. The amount of times a player appeared on the list is the number in parentheses.

Definitely far from an exact science, but still sort of fun.

According to this system, the offensive player of the year in the Big East is Ray Rice, who won with consistency by being the only player on offense or defense to make the list in each of his team's 12 games.

Here's how the rest of the final standings look:

  1. Ray Rice, RB, Rutgers: 64 points (12)
  2. Pat White, QB, West Virginia: 61 points (9)
  3. LeSean McCoy, RB, Pittsburgh: 56 points (8)
  4. Brian Brohm, QB, Louisville: 52 points (9)
  5. Matt Grothe, QB, South Florida: 48 points (9)
  6. Ben Mauk, QB, Cincinnati: 48 points (8)
  7. Steve Slaton, RB, West Virginia: 35 points (7)
  8. Tiquan Underwoord, WR, Rutgers: 32 points (6)
  9. Marcus Barnett, WR, Cincinnati: 31 points (5)
  10. Andre Dixon, RB, Connecticut: 31 points (4)
  11. Harry Douglas, WR, Louisville: 29 points (5)
  12. Mike Williams, WR, Syracuse: 24 points (6)
  13. Dominick Goodman, WR, Cincinnati: 22 points (3)
  14. Tyler Lorenzen, QB, Connecticut: 18 points (5)
  15. Taj Smith, WR, Syracuse: 18 points (3)
  16. Mike Ford, RB, South Florida: 17 points (3)
  17. Kenny Britt, WR, Rutgers: 17 points (3)
  18. Andrew Robinson, QB, Syracuse: 17 points (2)
  19. Donald Brown, RB, Connecticut: 14 points (3)
  20. Brock Bolen, RB, Louisville: 14 points (2)
  21. Darius Reynaud, WR, West Virginia: 12 points (3)
  22. Mike Teel, QB, Rutgers: 11 points (4)
  23. Noel Devine, RB, West Virginia: 10 points (2)
  24. Anthony Allen, RB, Louisville: 10 points (1)
  25. Benjamin Williams, RB, South Florida: 10 points (1)
  26. Patrick Carter, WR, Louisville: 8 points (2)
  27. Dustin Grutza, QB, Cincinnati: 7 points (1)
  28. Cameron Dantley, QB, Syracuse: 7 points (1)
  29. Tim Brown, WR, Rutgers: 6 points (2)
  30. Gary Barnidge, TE, Louisville: 4 points (2)
  31. Bilal Powell, RB, Louisville: 4 points (1)
  32. Taurus Johnson, WR, South Florida: 4 points (1)
  33. Trent Guy, WR, Louisville: 4 points (1)
  34. LaRod Stephens-Howling, RB, Pittsburgh: 3 points (1)
  35. Carlton Mitchell, WR, South Florida: 1 point (1)
  36. Jabu Lovelace, QB, Rutgers: 1 point (1)
For those interested, here are the links to the list for each week:

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Week Two
Week Three
Week Four
Week Five
Week Six
Week Seven
Week Eight
Week Nine
Week Ten
Week Eleven
Week Twelve
Week Thirteen
Week Fourteen

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